What’s New for ’62? Forty Femme Gems For Cosmopolitan Consumption

In terms of Pop Culture, 1962 is an interesting year. In a lot of ways, it’s the first full fledged year of “The Sixties” as we currently conceptualize it. Out were tailfins on cars, up were beehives. Lucille Ball returned to television minus Desi Arnaz. And, as a little nugget, two Aries superstars battled it out for career defining roles.

mary2bwells_two2blovers_500w_500hThere was a missile crisis and The Marvelettes and Mary Wells literally bankrolled The Sound Of Young America. Freedom Riders took to The South and dodged bullets, while Phil Spector really started to build the sonic wall on his productions. Across the U.S.A more Black female singers of all ages diversified their craft, from veterans like Dinah Washington and Damita Jo to not-even-teens like Maureen Gray belting to the Balcony on her recordings. Notably, the rollicking of Gospel started to really replace the strut of the blues in R&B popular recordings.

So for yet another year review, we have what was new for ’62. 40 songs carry you back 56 years for a mini movie for transistor radio remembrance studies as we all head back to school. Enjoy!

1) Sugar Pie DeSanto – A Little Taste Of Soul
2) Yvonne Baker & The Sensations – The Party Across The Hall
3) Bette Davis – Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
4) Baby Jane & The Rockabyes – How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
5) The Shirelles – Putty In Your Hands
6) Tammi Montgomery – I Want You To Be Sure
7) Mary Wells – She Don’t Love You
8) Claudine Clark – Freddy Blue Eyes
9) Barbara George – The Recipe For Perfect Fools
10) Marie Knight – What Kind Of Fool
11) Dinah Washington – Where Are You?
12) Nancy Wilson – Listen Little Girl
13) Etta James – Guess Again
14) Brenda Holloway – Echo
slp5408_720x60015) Gerri Granger – Castle In The Sky
16) The Exciters – A Hard Way To Go
17) The Marvelettes – I’ve Got To Cry Over You
18) Jan Bradley – We Girls
19) Dionne Warwick – I Smiled Yesterday
20) The Supremes – Play A Sad Song
21) The Tonettes – Teardrop Sea
22) The Chantels – Here It Comes Again
23) Carla Thomas – I Can’t Take It
24) The Crystals – Gee Whiz
25) Dee Dee Sharp – Remember You’re Mine
26) Irma Thomas – Two Winters Long
27) Barbara Lynn – Second Fiddle Girl
28) Judy Clay – Do You Think That’s Right?
29) Tina Turner & The Ikettes – Tina’s Dilemma
30) Barbara Stephens – Wait A Minute
31) Etta Jones – You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
32) Martha & The Vandellas – Undecided Lover
33) Maureen Gray – People Are Talking
34) Aretha Franklin – Don’t Cry, Baby
35) Bobbie Smith & Her Dreamgirls – Now You’re Gone
36) Fontella Bass – I Don’t Hurt Anymore
37) Kim Weston – I Know His Name
38) Maxine Brown – Am I Falling In Love?
39) Damita Jo – Las Vegas
40) Della Reese – 99 and a Half Won’t Do

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