Listening with Larsupreme Episode 27 – Lovin’ Libra September 30, 2021

It shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s a host of vintage soulful scale balancers in the legacy of Rhythm & Blues. We’ve been blessed for decades with the diverse, regal talent of the second Venus Ruled sign. Surprisingly, there’s plenty of people that stood back from the spotlight to be songwriters, and background singers. Some of the most famous find their way into this list: Cissy Houston, Gloria Jones and P.P. Arnold to name a few.

Let the Autumn Breeze of the second sign delight you as daylight dwindles by the day. We’ve got just under 90 minutes of delights for you to plan decadence to.

  1. Mary Lou Williams – Libra
  2. The Essex Featuring Anita Humes (10/10/1940) – What Did I Do? 
  3. Marv Johnson (10/15/1938) – “You’ve Gotta Move To Mountains
  4. Arlene Smith (10/5/1941) – Good Girls
  5. Holly Maxwell (10/17/1945) – Let Him Go For Himself
  6. Chubby Checker (10/3/1941) – Everything’s Wrong
  7. Gloria Jones (10/19/1945) – Come & Go With Me
  8. The Poppies featuring Dorothy Moore (10/13/1946) – He’s Ready
  9. Frankie Lymon (9/30/1942) – Sweet & Lovely
  10. P.P. Arnold (10/3/1946) – Born To Be Together
  11. Johnny Mathis (9/30/1935) – I Say A Little Prayer
  12. The Fifth Dimension Featuring Marilyn McCoo (9/30/1943) – Learn How To Fly
  13. The Monitors Featuring Richard Street (10/5/1942) – Since I Lost You Girl
  14. Cissy Houston (9/30/1933) – Don’t Come Running To Me
  15. Ray Charles (9/23/1930) – Somebody Ought To Write A Book About It
  16. The Tempations featuring Melvin Franklin (10/12/1942) – I Truly, Truly Believe
  17. Koko Taylor (9/28/1928) – Tell Me The Truth
  18. Ben E. King (9/28/1938) – Tell Daddy
  19. Sheila Ferguson (10/8/1947) –  I’ll Weep For You
  20. Sugar Pie DeSanto (10/16/1935) – My Illusions
  21. Herb Fame (10/1/1942) – You’re Messing With My Mind
  22. Jo Armstead (10/8/1944) I Feel An Urge Coming On
  23. The Chiffons featuring Sylvia Peterson (9/30/1946) – The Real Thing
  24. Celia Cruz (10/21/1925) – Aquarius
  25. Cannoball Adderly – Libra
  26. Mamie Galore (9/24/1940) – Beautiful Inside


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  1. tomovox says:

    Fascinating playlist. I can see I’m in for a Royal musical education whenever I visit here. I’m struck with just how staggeringly monumental the number of talented artists have been out there. It’s so unfortunate not all achieved a level of success their hard word entitled them to. Chubby Checker’s “Everything’s Wrong” is a revelation. The man was certainly more than a twist here, a twist there. Anita Humes is another surprise. You wish she had become a huge household name.

    You create such fantastical musical journeys.

    Liked by 1 person

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