Listening with Larsupreme Episode 30 – Lady, That’s A Strong B-Side April 2, 2022

Sometimes the flipside is the hipside.

Quite often, buried on those classic hit singles was a dusty groove that fascinated those that were brave enough to flip over a 45rpm single. Quite often, even from established acts, those tracks never actually made an LP.

The B-side is quite often actually were it’s at.

For just over an hour we look at some saucy, satisfying efforts that didn’t get the light of the day on various 60’s soul hots & flops from the feisty femme side of the AM airwaves. Most all of these efforts aren’t cases where the flip caught the eye of Dee Jays and became hits unto their own, like “Forever” for The Marvelettes, “What’s Easy For Two Is So Hard For One” for Mary Wells, “Love Makes Me Do Foolish Things” by The Vandellas, or most notoriously, “Walk On By” for Dionne Warwick.

Often forgotten, now beloved, the almighty flip gets its time to shine.

(Intro) The Supremes – Everything Is Good About You (Flip of “I Hear A Symphony”)

1)The Shirelles – Wait Til I Give The Signal (Flip of “Wild & Sweet”)

2) The Toys – Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby (Flip of “Silver Spoon”)

3) Lesley Gore – I Just Don’t Know If I Can (Flip of “Young Love”)

4) Patti Austin – Leave A Little Love (Flip of “My Lovelight Ain’t Gonna Shine No More”)

5) Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Show Me The Way (Flip of “Honey Chile”)

6) Candy & The Kisses – Out In The Streets (Flip of “Keep On Searching”)

7) Diana Ross & The Supremes – Going Down For The Third Time (Flip of “Reflections”)

8) Dee Dee Sharp – Baby I Love You (Flip of “What Am I Gonna Do?”)

9) Kim Weston – You’re Just The Kind of Guy (Flip of “Nobody”)

10) The Blossoms – One Step Away (Flip of “Break Your Promise”)

11) Dusty Springfield – Little By Little (Flip of “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” stateside)

12) The Chiffons – Just A Boy (Flip of “Out Of This World”)

13) Barbara Lewis – Anyway (Flip of “That’s The Way I Like It:)

14) Maxine Brown – Anything For A Laugh (Flip of “One Step At A Time”)

15) Dionne Warwick – Walk Little Dolly (Flip of “Windows of The World”)

16) The Cookies – Only To Other People (Flip of “Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys Do”)

17) Carla Thomas – I Can’t Take It (Flip of “I’ll Bring It Home To You”)

18) Irma Thomas – I Done Got Over It (Flip of “Gone”)

19) The Orlons – Heartbreak Hotel (Flip of “Rules of Love”)

20) Etta James – That Man Belongs Back Here With Me (Flip of “Breaking Point”)

21) The Marvelettes – The Day You Take One (Flip of “When You’re Young & In Love”)

22) The Royalettes – Something Wonderful (Flip of “River of Tears”)

23) Aretha Franklin – Gentle On My Mind (Flip of “I Can’t See Myself Leaving You”)


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