Listening with Larsupreme Episode 28 – I Spy With A Soulful Eye February 8, 2022

In a mod mod mad world, your favorite DJ lost track of a solid 4 months. I became sort of a “Mystery Man!” Jokes aside, an episode of Listening With Larsupreme intended to coincide with the latest James Bond franchise release got sidelined by stress and strife, and some technology snafus until now.

The titular 007 was a source of surprising inspiration in the field of Soul Music. Although no Soul stars of the era actually committed the thrill of launching a James Bond theme in theaters or on the airwaves, there was plenty of plays on the sounds and stories contained within those seminal films.

We spend just over an hour with these thrilling romps from names big and small from the sexy 60’s into the sassy 70’s as the franchise grew to one of the biggest entertainment dynasties. Included are theme songs from parody films of the era, proposed potential bond themes, and suspenseful instrumentals that go overlooked.

As always, thanks for listening and looking forward to crafting more episodes for y’all in 2022!

Hal Blaine – Secret Agent Man (1966)
Betty Boo – My Man Flint (1966)
Edwin Starr – Double-O-Soul (1965)
Gwen Owens – Mystery Man (1964)
The Supremes – Dr. Goldfoot & His Bikini Machine (1965)
Brooks O’Dell – The Lively Ones (1966)
Lorraine Chandler – You Only Live Twice (1967)
Yvonne Baker – You Didn’t Say A Word (1966)
Jackie Ross – Trust In Me (1965)
Robert Parker – Secret Service Makes Me Nervous (1966)
The O’Jays – Working On Your Case (1967)
The Geminis – I Hired The Girl (1966)
Jamo Thomas – I Spy For The F.B.I. (1966)
The Bar Kays – Soul Finger (1967)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Come Spy With Me (1967)
Anthony & The Imperials – You Only Live Twice (1967)
Dionne Warwick – Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang, Bang (1965)
Mamie Galore – Special Agent 34-24-38 (1965)
Sarah Vaughan – Theme from Peter Gunn (1965)
The Soul Bros – James Bond Girl (1966)
The Five Stairsteps – Danger! He’s A Stranger (1967)
Patti Drew – Keep On Movin’ (1968)
Elsie Strong – This is The Last Time (1969)
Kenny Gamble – The Jokes On You (1966)
Mark V Unlimited – Gone (1969)
The Four Tops – Are You Man Enough? (1973)


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