Dean and Jean “Hey Dean, Hey Jean” (Rust 5075, Pop #32, 1964)

Dean and Jean “Hey Dean, Hey Jean” (Rust 5075, Pop #32, 1964)

It’s the last T-Minus 96 minutes of the Calendar Year. 2015 was a “something” in my parlance. I close out this year feeling feet burned by different coals yet invigorated by the whole process at the same time. The thing that often solves the pinch of the passing years, the regrets and builds hope for a brighter tomorrow is the music I love and get to share. Via this website, via storytelling opportunities, via Astrology Conferences, via DJ gigs.

It actually holds a place of expression I long buried and have given myself permission to do in the last 15 months. Granted I still hold typical day to day worries about employment, housing, and sustainability of my life in general. There’s plenty I let go of in 2015, yet I still feel like swinging and singing at the end of it all.

In comes a long forgotten Top 40 hit that I learned about from DJ Action Slacks. Ohio based Brenda Lee Jones and Welton Young recorded together as Dean and Jean from 1958 through 1966. Their biggest joint hit was this couple call & response ode to rent parties, being broke and working class, yet celebrating life, Friday Night, Friendship and love regardless of the hard barriers of reality we might face.

We aren’t made of what we possess, and more or less made of how we feel. As I start counting down the end of 2015 and embracing 2016, I needed the reminder that “We’ll make the best of it.”


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