Joanie Sommers “Never Throw Your Dreams Away” (Columbia 43567, 1966)

Joanie Sommers “Never Throw Your Dreams Away” (Columbia 43567, 1966)

As the year winds down to a close, more of the song-intention setting that I do for myself comes to mind. Popular Music in particular is chockful with affirmations worth of a lifetime of Oxygen network self help programming. Thankfully, at 3 1/2 minutes maximum, I can spend less time going over my favorite affirmations in the forms of songs versus the self help program and requisite book purchasing circuit.

e0042361_23131764In comes For Those Who Think Young Piscean Pop Pixie Joanie Sommers. Kind of like Barbara McNair, Sommers generated a substantial career on being that smoky voiced youthful crooner with a darling face that didn’t need hit singles to continue a career. Built around jingles, sitcom guest appearances, variety shows and posh club gigs, she was a fixture of the 1960’s in many a medium, but is oft-forgotten today.

It’s also of interest that her LPs were pretty much MOR fare worthy of Rosemary Clooney in Mid 60’s drag, but her singles still tried at a potential Blue Eyed Soul category that more or less brought her a top 10 Girl Group style hit in the remarkably Sado-masochistic/sexist “Johnny Get Angry” in 1962. 4 years later we find her giving sage advice over a sparkling arrangement about checking resolutions, keeping faith and never letting go of the string on your balloon.

May a prayer from the beginning of 1966 inspire you as we stumble into 2016.


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  1. Fantastic track which I hadn’t heard before. Must investigate Joanie’s catalog further!


    1. You might already know some of her other pop orientated efforts, Dunno if you’ve come across “I’d Be So Good For You,” a Pseudo-Wall-of-Sound effort from ’64:


      1. No, didn’t know this one either. This one’s also pretty cool – dig those male dancers! 🙂


      2. Ha, yes, I remembered seeing this episode of “Hullabaloo” some 12-15 years ago on AMC, and loved this track ever since. And yes, the vibrant dancers were even more of a reason to love the live performance. Those Hullabaloo Dancers just don’t know when to quit!


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