Don’t Trust The Weatherman, And Always Carry Your Umbrella: 35 Tunes For That Rainy Day Feeling

Nobody really warned me that summer ends right after Labor Day in the Pacific Northwest. After a long (short) Summer of 2 months, it’s been mostly rain, rain (please go away) in the Portland Metropolitan area. This is truly bizarre to me, living in the Bay Area, splendid, vaguely summery weather lasts all the way to at least mid October, and doesn’t become a parade of rainy days until closer to Veteran’s Day, if not Thanksgiving.

As my mind tries to cope to the (to me) premature weather, I’ve overlooked the phenomenon of weather in our music, starting with Rain. The majority of the time songs about the rain are equated with emotions, dreariness, depression and frankly a safe way to cry in public. We’ve got our fair share of flushing out toxic emotions with the assistance of our friends from the sky here.

But every once in a while, and more often than you think, there’s something very romantic, refreshing and carefree about songs that prize the rain as an environmental setting just as, if not moreso, romantic than Sunlight or Snow. Also, it can be one helluva metaphor for lubrication too. Rain is sexy, either a reason to stay in and do some horizontal dancing, or the get soaked in a marvelous way dancing in the streets.

So as we dip further into Fall, crawl up with more than 90 minutes of the stormy passions of rain as music.

1) Marv Johnson – September In The Rain
2) Ramsey Lewis – The Gentle Rain
3) Helen Shapiro – It Might As Well Rain Until September
4) Jackie Edwards – Raindrops
5) The Demures – Raining Teardrops
6) The Fabulous Four – Rhythm Of The Rain
7) Irma Thomas – It’s Raining
8) Judy Clay – Stormy Weather
9) Christine Kittrell – Ain’t Never Seen So Much Rain Before
10) Stevie Wonder – Purple Raindrops
11) Sonny & Cher – It’s Gonna Rain
12) Evelyn Freeman – Didn’t It Rain?
13) Pat Lundy – It’s Raining Outside
14) Len Barry – Rainy Side Of The Street
15) Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – I’ll Take A Raincheck
16) Diana Ross & The Supremes – Stormy
17) Chuck Jackson – Rainy Night In Georgia
18) Nancy Wilson – Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
19) Dusty Springfield – I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
20) Dionne Warwick – Yesterday I Heard The Rain
21) Reparata & The Delrons – I Can Hear The Rain
22) The Temptations – Save My Love For A Rainy Day
23) The Seagulls – Don’t Go Out In The Rain (You’re Gonna Melt Sugar)
24) The Cowsills – The Rain, The Park And Other Things
25) The Four Seasons – Tell It To The Rain
26) Little Jimmy Scott – It Rained 40 Days and 40 Nights
27) The Walker Brothers – Walking In The Rain
28) The Marvelettes – Rainy Mourning
29) The Sweet Inspirations – Crying In The Rain
30) The Vibrations – Remember The Rain
31) Gladys Knight & The Pips – I Wish It Would Rain
32) Vicki Carr – Constant Rain
33) The Shirelles – There’s A Storm Going On In My Heart
34) Eddie Kendricks – Date With The Rain
35) Love Unlimited – Walking In The Rain With The One I Love

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