“Tune in” – The Latest from “Listening with Larsupreme”

Happy Autumn, Happy month….whatever of Shelter-in-Place. It’s been a bit of time since we’ve collected our latest round of Listening with Larsupreme episodes together. The last few months have had us look into the vaults of Motown records, at the envy of Dionne Warwick’s catalog, The Marvelous Marvelettes and tunes to ride along with me in Frankie, my 1965 Corvair.

Hopefully this listenable history full of tuneage helps these shortening days and the longer nights feel more comfortable as we start to wind down 2020. As always, Give a listen! Tell a friend, and thank you for continuing to listen.

Those inside the United States will most likely have to listen to The Marvelous Marvelettes Episode here.


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