Bye Bye ’65: The Golden Girls Golden Anniversary set of 1965

A lot of what I’ve done as a DJ, writer, and even public speaker has been carrying the legacy of R&B, Pop, and Soul female singers. For years, I’ve wanted to highlight the efforts and the narratives around the women in Post-War Popular Music, because they are far too often neglected or overshadowed.

When DJ Special Lord B informed me that Girl Groups Night at The Elbo Room in San Francisco was on hiatus, I thought I had to tip my electronic DJ hat to the genre of music that more or less saved my life, time and again and yet still.

A great deal of what I’ve showcased this year has been efforts from the Mid 1960’s; which counts as the culmination of the “Girl Group” era. 1965 saw The Supremes stand tall on the efforts of many of their peers before them as they launched into mainstream Superstardom with 4 #1 pop hits that year. Beyond “Stop! In The Name Of Love” though, many women recorded beautiful efforts that year, whether hits, misses, shoulda beens and dust collectors.

I’ve assembled a *not completely comprehensive* list of some of my favorites from 1965 for this Mixcloud mix for your Anti-Holiday Song enjoyment and houseparties that will see you through Holiday Season 2015 in style. From happiness to heartbreak to some rather early #BlackLivesMatters-esque material, we honor our ladies of soul past and present with this mix.

Let’s all get in the mental Chevrolet Impala and cruise out of this year to some of the best tunes you may have never heard from half a Century ago.

1) The Marvelettes – “Learning To Forget You”
2) Martha & The Vandellas – “Can’t Break The Habit”
3) The Orlons – “I Ain’t Comin’ Back”
4) Barbara McNair – “Anonymous (Nothing But Trouble)”
5) Martha Starr – “No Part Time Love For Me”
6) Sylvia St. Claire (Shemwell) – “Just Love Me”
7) The Teardrops – “Walking Down Main Street”
8) The Reasons – “Window Shopping”
9) Barbara Jean English – “Small Town Girl”
10)The Supremes – “Queen Of The House” (Live at The Copa)
11)Carolyn Crawford – “Love Boy”
12) Brenda Holloway – “How Many Times Did You Mean It?”
13) The Shangri-Las – “Never Again”
14) Lesley Gore – “I Won’t Love You Anymore (Sorry)”
15) Deena Johnson (Josephine Armstead) – “The Breaking Point”
16) Carla Thomas – “Every Ounce Of Strength”
17) Ketty Lester – “I’ll Be Looking Back”
18) Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles – “All Or Nothing”
19) Sandra King – “Leave It Up To The Boys”
20) Betty LaVette – “Stand Up Like A Man”
21) Sheila Ferguson – “How Did That Happen?”
22) Dee Dee Sharp – “That’s What My Mama Said”
23) Dusty Springfield – “Now That You’re My Baby”
24) Dee Dee Warwick – “We’re Doing Fine”
25) Kim Weston – “I’m Gonna Make It Up To You”
26) Patti Austin – “He’s Good Enough For Me”
27) The Velvelettes – “The Boy From Crosstown”
28) Barbara Mercer – “Hey!”
29) The Shirelles – “I’m Feeling It Too”
30) Dionne Warwick – “Forever My Love”
31) Jackie Ross – “I Dig His Style”
32) Fontella Bass – “Leave It In The Hands Of Love”



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