Girls Trip ’64 – Swinging Sixties Divine Diva Delights

I’ve mined the territory of checking in with women were doing in the recording studios through some random assortment of years during the 1960s. I started with 1965, jumped to 1961 and then did 1963.

2fc62ab1d04a03404e5ce680c1b1a8051964 is an interesting year to ponder. Of course it’s mostly remembered as the beginning of the British Invasion that swept many popular U.S. Pop stars off the Billboard Hot 100. What’s often forgotten is it’s the year that saw Mary Wells’s, The Shangri-Las and The Dixie Cups scoring massive #1 hits, nevermind The Supremes scoring #3 hits in just 6 months of the year.

There’s the successes of Dionne Warwick, Martha & The Vandellas and Betty Everett that claimed a healthy share of the charts for women, and Black women in particular that kept opening up the world to the concept of proto-to-actual feminism. The largest number of women since World War II were staying in the workforce, and determining their life directions alongside the intersectional fight for Civil Rights.

So it’s no accident that there was still a plethora of female artists exercising their craft this year. For just over an hour and a half, we pile into a brand new Mustang worth of tunes with veterans and start ups of what was fresh, swinging and soulful from assorted women in the recording year in this huge transitional year in society.



1) Martha & The Vandellas – Hitch Hike
2) Etta James – Mellow Fellow
3) Kim Weston – He’s My Baby
4) The Lullabyes – You Touch Me
5) The Orlons – Rules Of Love
6407supremessm6)  The Supremes – Can’t Buy Me Love
7) The Sapphires – I’ve Got Mine, You’ve Better Get Yours
8) Mary Wells – Ain’t That The Truth
9) LaVern Baker – You Better Find Yourself Fool
10) Alder Ray – A Little Love (Will Go A Long Way)
11) Dusty Springfield – Nothing
12) Jill Harris – Baby, Won’t You Try Me?
13) The Exciters – We Were Lovers (When The Party Began)
14) Baby Washington – Standing On The Pier
15) Mitty Collier – Pain
16) Gloria Melbourne – Don’t Let Him
17)  The Shirelles – His Lips Get In The Way
18) Betty Everett – Can I Get To Know You Better
19) Judy Clay – My Arms Aren’t Strong Enough
c1bca4961c23ef6ea3e6cb1249471fd120) Maxine Brown – Oh Lord, What Are You Doing To Me?
21) Theola Kilgore – I’ll Keep Trying
22) Sarah Cooke – Please Don’t Go
23) Estelle Brown – Stick Close
24) The Adorables – Daddy Please
25) Merry Clayton – La La Jace (Spanish Boy)
26) Betty Harris –  Mo Jo Hanna
27) The Cinderellas – Please Don’t Wake Me
28) Darlene Love – Stumble And Fall
29) The Debonaires – Please Don’t Say We’re Through
30) The Dixie Cups – I’m Gonna Get You Yet
31) The Marvelettes – I Just Can’t Let Him Down
32) Jill Gibson – It’s As Easy As 1,2,3
33) The Chiffons – When Summer’s Through
34) The Velvelettes – Think Of The Times
35) Helen Shapiro – He Knows How To Love Me
36) The Crystals – Woman In Love
37) Lesley Gore – It’s Just About That Time
38) Brenda Holloway – I’ll Always Love You



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