Your Soul & Inspiration: A 90 Minute Meditation To Keep Your Head Up To

Can you believe it’s 2019? I can’t! The tides of time seem to shift and be stuck all at once, and we find ourselves with nearly a decade slipped into the rearview mirror as we launch headlong into a future. What can we count on? What can we trust?

190f1fcb06c7642e8b809c0b8608d5a0I always find grounding in music, and found myself looking for songs that seemed to answer with a sense of belonging, purpose, understanding and caring for the first mix I’ve compiled in 2019. We’re constantly carving out an existence that’s finding the rose growing up through the concrete.

With that, I used the circumstances that informed one of our Standards of the 1960’s to look at urban life and love that informs that breaking through the rigidity to grow new and healthier roots, to dream, to expand in a world that asks us to contract and conform.

I hope that you can kiss your own flesh and thank yourself for the surviving that you’ve done through what was a tumultuous year that’s capping off one helluva decade of being alive. I hope these tunes inspire you to be thankful for yourself, and what you have and not to fear asking calling in what you need to move further into the person you wish to be.

Happy New Year, 2019 y’all.

  1. Chuck Jackson – Look Over Your Shoulder
  2. Tammi Terrell – Baby Dontcha Worry
  3. Joe Bataan – Ordinary Guy
  4. The Avons – Got To Get Used To You
  5. The Light Drivers – Dreams Of A Shoeshine Boy
  6. The Sapphires – You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You
  7. The Fantastic Four – I’m Gonna Live Up To What She Thinks
  8. Gene McDaniels – Walk With A Winner
  9. Lesley Gore – A Girl In Love
  10. Arthur Alexander – Show Me The Road
  11. Bill Medley – I Can’t Make It Alone
  12. Gay Jamison – Stay Another Day
  13. Brenda Holloway – You Can Cry On My Shoulder
  14. The Charades – You’re With Me All The Way
  15. Freddie Scott – A Brand New Worldf660fda0e06ea5768624e3c774100b72
  16. Georgia Gibbs – Let Me Dream
  17. Pat Sands & The Pebbles – Loving Him
  18. Keith – Our Love Started All Over Again
  19. Malcolm Hayes – I Gotta Be With You
  20. The Spinners – Head Over Heels
  21. Sheila Anthony – Living In Love
  22. Margaret Mandolph – Something Beautiful
  23. Patti & The Emblems – It’s The Little Things You Do
  24. Mitch Ryder – Blessing In Disguise
  25. The Olympics – Baby I’m Yours
  26. Lenny Welch – Please Help Me (I’m Falling)
  27. The Philharmonics – Will You Marry Me, Girl?
  28. The Paper Dolls – You’re The Boy I Want To Marry
  29. Sonji Clay – Here I Am And Here I Stay
  30. The Dells – Open Up My Heart
  31. La Brenda Ben – Just Be Yourself
  32. Kim Weston – Just Call Me
  33. Lorraine Ellison – Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
  34. The Hesitations – Love Is Everywhere
  35. Merry Clayton – This Is My Dream

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