What’s Your Sign? What’s Your Song? Your Girl Group Horoscope “Read” for The Middle of October

If you’ve been following along to this blog on the regular, you know that alongside the DJing I have a dabbling interest in Astrology. Well, probably more than a dabble considering that I have an Astrology lecture to my credit. About 40 days and nights ago I did a blog post on the now over (Thankfully) Venus Retrograde through (mostly) the sign of Leo. Now that I’ve survived that bit of Astrology, I thought to myself that I’d do a little DJ dabbling around which songs fit certain signs, in the moment. Indulge my boredom, why don’t you?

As it comes to Astrology I do suggest that you read these for you Sun Sign (the Astrological position of The Sun based on your birthday) and possibly your rising sign too (the Astrological sign on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth). If you don’t know your birth time, like I said last time, call your Mother or go to Astro.com if you *do* know your birth time and mess with your self perception a little bit. Now on with the show.

Aries/Aries Rising 
Aretha Franklin “Can’t You Just See Me?” (1965)

hqdefaultIf it’s a song about Aries, the word “me” had to be in the title. All the better that we’re using the Queen Of Soul, an Aries herself, for your particular sign. I went with this delightful romp because it’s astonishingly self centered. Haughty arrogance of the highest, most refined nature is a dish best served to a swinging beat and Dee Dee Warwick and Cissy Houston in the background (where you might think Libras belong you shady Ram, you!) The song focuses on the social consequences of pissing off the sign of Dodge ’em. The payback is relentless, fitting for you fire-starters of the Zodiac and might come to literal blows (“I just might slap your face all over the place”).

Taurus/Taurus Rising
The Delicates “Stop Shoving Me Around” (1965)

DelicatesOur beloved Taurus, how steady you are. How stubborn you bulls can be all in the same. Known for having the upmost patience until finally roused, I always hear you lovelies issue warnings before it all becomes fatal for those who abuse you. True to form you can make those warning sound all down home, sweet and sincere, like this obscure B-Side from 1965. Nobody knows how absolutely fearsome you can be, given you prize peace, serenity and comfort about all else. Despite all of the above, people will still poke at you and actually enjoy your charge, just as much as I’m sure it was really hard to not dance through your song.

Gemini/Gemini Rising
Juanita Williams “You Knew What You Was Gettin'” (1964)

hqdefault (1)Witty, Urbane, Sophisticated Gemini. Misunderstood, perhaps a bit of a dilettante, do people really understand your changeable winds as you bring the mutability of life between Spring and Summer? As confession, this is your humble DJ’s Sun Sign and I’ve long identified with the “I’ve always been free, don’t hold that against me” message in this beautiful bit of Detroit magic tucked away as a Golden World Records obscurity. Remind those that love you to give you room to fly, chances are you have a set of wings or a spare plane ticket for those you want to take on the journey with you.

Cancer/Cancer Rising
Madeline Bell “Help Yourself To All Of My Lovin'” (1968)

hqdefault (2)Cancer Cares, Cancer provides. Cancer might just mother you, smother you to death, nevermind where that particular Crab fits within the gender spectrum. You have cabinets and pantries full of goods to give to the right person, once they’ve made it past your protective shell. We feature Cancer-Cuspy Madeline Bell scuttling through a soaring serenade covered by many people full of making love a home for those you place the welcome mat out to.

Leo/Leo Rising
Gerri Thomas “Look What I’ve Got” (1965)

northern-soul-45-gerri-thomas-look-what-i-got-world-artists-dj-listen_1722000What is a Leo without being proud? I make the delineation between Aries and Leo between the Mars-y projective self centered nature of the first while solar radiance is more the calling card of the later. Leo is always the life and soul of the party (or always believes they are) so I always think of the Lions as Big Apple Uptown Soul records that celebrate all there is about having love. Though this Blue-Eyed Soul number starts of subtle like a feline stalking their prey, I couldn’t give y’all a song without a big chorus of supporters (or minions) and a big dramatic finish, now could I?

Virgo/Virgo Rising
Carol Quinn “I’ll Do It For You” (1965)


I couldn’t help but think of a “work” song for Virgo. Stereotypical I know, but speaking from Rising sign experience, I know I function better when I have something to do for others, and I actually enjoy it. Earthy, productive, Virgo likes tangible results, and one way that might make a Virgo happy is providing help and structure to the others in their lives. With a wink and a smile and an imitation Motown palate, I see this methodically key changing piece of excellence as the ultimate Virgo seduction sonnet from the Girl Group era.

Libra/Libra Rising
Sugar Pie DeSanto “I Don’t Wanna Fuss” (1964)

R-1302401-1386689655-1513.jpegThe other Venus influenced sign of the zodiac isn’t much for the screaming, the shouting or the fussing. In a number of ways, elegant Libra is the the most perfect opposite to hot headed Aries. Keeping the Cardinal individuality moving along full steam, we hear from Lady Libra Sugar Pie DeSanto throwing up a truce flag of equilibrium and understanding to move forward or end the war. There’s the lost truth to the folks of the scales; they may try to forever negotiate peace, but the slight chill of their particular Windy Air can ice you out without a regret once the decision is made.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
The Carolines “Can’t Stop Loving That Boy” (1966)

hqdefault (3)You’re probably wondering why I chose a song so melodramatic for the most stereotypically private Sign of the Zodiac? Well, here’s a song about fixed obsession that you don’t already know, and also if you don’t hear this as an internal monologue, well, maybe you aren’t paying close attention to the remarkable subtlety of this song, and of Scorpio energy in general. Although Scorpio might keep it still as a Moonless Night on the outside, there might be a battle royale going on within to get what they want in any situation. All that pent up energy might be full of crashing pseudo-Phil Spector Wall of Sound Angst and might have a great deal of exuberant excitement pushing it along. Who says obsession has to sound sad?

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
Betty Everett “There’ll Come A Time” (1969)

jacketSagittarius is always right because chances are you can’t get a word in edgewise. Perhaps every moralizing Girl Group song belongs to the Sagittarian Spirit. We can’t discount the final, and perhaps wisest of the passionate Fire Signs, though. Betty Everett’s comeback single of ’69 brings that world weary and experienced kind of wise equity around the concept of heartbreak that you kind of have to go along and agree. And just like a Sagittarius, from that epic cascading string arrangement intro, this underrated classic goes an absolutely different direction once we’re in dialogue with this song, bringing back a neo Doo-Wop stroll through its inclusive sermon that ultimately preaches forgiveness for past transgressions.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
Doris Troy “He’s Qualified” (1967)

hqdefault (4)Love is what your resume says about you should be a Capricorn quote. Capricorn recognizes that the best deal you can make with your heart is the one where the investment goes both ways. The logic being when times are tough, there’s something to cling to instead of sinking into despair of economic (foremost) and emotional costs. So we have the self penned (as was most of her output) last Cardinal Lady of Soul going over her partner’s particular list of qualifications for future success. It can’t/won’t/will never be any other way.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
June Adams “The Human Race” (1965)

hqdefault (5)You can count on your localized Aquarius for astute observations on just about everything. Just don’t expect, in their fixed Journalist role, to become overly emotional about it. They do care, they might share your concern about what’s fucked up, but, well, they might not tell you they cry about it as well. Emotions in front of others are complicated and might not be the most polite thing to express over Afternoon tea. You won’t get to see it. Feeding the rest of us with the information to get concerned about, they give us the broad spectrum love by holding the knowledge of what is and what can be. That can be searingly painful and highly uplifting, the height of humanity, and that split perspective comes across marvelously in this Civil Rights era Girl Group builder that doesn’t really have answers for us.

Pisces/Pisces Rising
Shirley Wahls “Why Am I Crying?” (1967)

hqdefault (6)The last sign of the Zodiac has sat through just about everything. Even then, they realize that the human experience and life on earth is just really fucked and can’t be solved. Within their wisdom, they have to let it all go so the cycle can start again. Ultimately the absorbent Water sign that transitions us out of Winter back into Spring ends up holding that magnificent weight of being might lead to tears despite the wisdom and embracing the full experience of existence. Despite being able to trace all of the wandering and meandering and reality that has come before, they open themselves up to the lack of sense, shout it out with ferocity like Shirley Wahls and are ready for rebirth, open hearted and ready to give it yet another swim.


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