For The Venus Retrograde: A Lover’s Concerto of Love Songs For Your Ears To Endear & Endure The Days Ahead.

If you’ve been following this blog for any extended period of time, you’ll know that I tend to weave what’s going on in the Sky and the Stars. In writing, in lectures, in remembering our R&B legends with us and gone to the Apollo in the sky, I feel Astrology can weave the narratives a little bit more rich as we listen to the poems that a good soul song could be.

Right about now, Venus is 29 degrees Retrograde in Leo this balmy Saturday Evening. The planet that is said to govern matters of love, riches and what we value will continue to overview the steps of this Summer until right around Labor Day, moving forward and making things uncovered and reviewed up for re-upment (yeah made up word) or to walk away from, and a spectrum of options along what we hold most close to us as the burning Summer Sun turns into the season of harvest and the end of the year.

So far, for me, it’s been good, and a number of love songs have been on my mind; floating in and out of my consciousness as I’m starting to awaken with shared glances, hugs, kisses and meals that make my own Venus in Taurus heart beat a little faster than a bovine pace. It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged in this way, so let’s take a trip down lover’s lane:

1) Nancy Wilson “How Glad I Am (1964)”

A retrograde can be considered a middle ground of uncovering. Here’s hoping that you’re finding a bunch of joy to revisit. Given the retrograde is taking place in the sign of Leo, with a conjunction with Jupiter as Venus retraces steps through this month into September, the largess and the artistic expression of limitless love, no bottom, no top; is a type of Leo Theatrics that can be put to good use.

2) The Supremes “I Hear A Symphony” (1965)


I’ve been daydreaming a lot. Lost with slightly glazed eyes in I’ve retreated for quite a few moments into my own mind. This Retrograde is happening all up and through my 12th House, so I’m bound to be a bit lost in my own thoughts for the next dozen doubled and doubled again days and nights. Need to know where this Retrograde is covering in your birth chart? Go to and put in your birth time. If you don’t know your birth time, it’s a good time to call your mother if you have the chance. Anyways, whenever my brain gets lost these days, the soundtrack right now tends to be The Supremes 6th #1 hit from just under 50 years ago. I’ve noticed how much having those you love nearby, hearing tender words brings joy to daily life. I hope in my own private revelry I’m communicating somehow those little moments mean a lot. Practice to not keep that internalized, and make sure that I’m sharing what’s in my heart is important these days. I hope that’s a lesson to everyone. Sing a verse from this theatrical classic in someone’s ear over the next few weeks.

3) Martha & The Vandellas “My Baby Loves Me” (1966)

My Baby Loves Me
If you have someone that does care, make sure that you celebrate them. We don’t celebrate enough in this world. Granted, it’s a hard world to celebrate within. We face an economy where very few of us without parented or grandfather’d in resources find ways to make ends meet in a society that continues to tell us conspicuous consumption is key. Day after day state sanctioned violence again Black and Brown and Queer people in particular steals vibrant souls from the soil we all walk on. Within that, remember to cherish and celebrate with simple proclamations. At the end of the day Love is what makes us feel comforted as we close our eyes and inspires us to rise each morning. I hope in some way that get to reach out and touch and feel your heart billow and brag like Martha and those billowing Detroit Symphony Orchestra Strings on this legendary advertisement. May you have many “baby’s” that love you. We all deserve that.

4) Tina Turner “Somebody Somewhere Needs You” (1965)

I can hear the naysaying now; you ain’t Bae’d up or some shit or yeah, one of the biggest risks we can run is even opening up your heart and trying. And I get all sorts of upset and frustrated with those goddamn American Concepts of love. I heard the word Marriage like 83 times today and fuck that noise that’s not the be-all-end-all accomplishment of love. Take a Sagittarius Advice Column approach: Tina Turner tells us somebody somewhere does indeed need you. That love might be mentoring youth in your neighborhood. That love might be fostering a Pit Bull from the Oakland SPCA so a bright light of a misunderstood breed of dog has the opportunity to give joy and companionship to you or someone else if you can’t go beyond fostering. That love might be saying hello to people as you walk down the street with a smile instead of being absorbed in your smart phone. Love looks like a million gestures practiced over and over again on a daily basis. Make love and vibrancy your routine.

5) Dee Dee Warwick “We’re Doing Fine” (1965)

images (5)
I’m not one to bullshit you, Love ain’t easy baby. But you work that shit out. Love’s a pretty strong element (or drug, mileage varies). I always come back to my favorite (unsalty) Libra of the Drinkard Dynasty of singers, Lil Sis: Dee Dee Warwick. Also, don’t let folks get up all in your business when you feel confident and comfortable in what love looks like to you. Don’t worry if your love don’t match those societal conventions. See my slight rant about marriage; some of the most unhappy and unloyal and unloving people I’ve ever seen have been chained to that institution. Long as Love ain’t a hurtin’ thing and you ain’t whining like Lou Rawls reincarnated, I’m gonna trust your good judgment that everything is all peaches and cream. Do you, be fine. Do a little side shuffle, smile, skip. Find joy with the ones you love.

6) Dee Dee Sharp I Really Love You (1965)

I ain’t to proud to beg. I’m not afraid of the fact that I’ve probably fire-bombed a few great relationships, friendships, and family bonds. Sagittarius Moon problems – I’m more likely to kick you emotionally in the balls than stick my foot in my mouth. Don’t startle the horse. But, if I’m worth a grain of salt, I’m willing to say in the name of love that I’m sorry and I’d love to have you around again to do those special things I always enjoyed doing with you. I say this to the audience that sees this; make sure that those strong bonds of love you mend. I’m a big proponent of strong love being the spider web that keeps you strong because, well, again; beautiful as the world is, it’s a tough place. Say I love you. Say you’re sorry. Take it from the pretty Virgo lady from Philly.

7) Dionne Warwick “Looking With My Eyes” (1965)

Have faith. Take a risk. Do a little samba Burt Bacharach Time Signature Shift Style into optimism. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and then shout at the mountain tops your greatest hearts desire. Like that shifting time signature it’s gonna be a bit unsettling, it’ll be a while (or never, WHOMP) before you get your sea legs and feel confident and comfortable. It’s okay Boo, none of us have it right all the time. Nothing opens hearts like being fully vulnerable, real. You get hugs out of that honesty because the rest of us know what you need in that moment.

8) The Marvelettes “Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead” (1965)

I didn’t say be a damn fool either. If shit is shitty let that shit go because shit stinks. Don’t be proud, take pride in yo’self and treat yourself to the fresh air of freedom. Bad love is literally dangerous to your mental and physical well-being. Perhaps it’s a mistake for me to even call that love in the first place. Don’t let what you’ve known give you comfort. Even if you aren’t a Leo; take after the cowardly Lion and find courage to find your heart (yes I know that’s technically not how it worked in The Wizard of Oz, but you don’t know me well enough to sue me for like whatever misrepresentation of pop culture I just did). I personally don’t want you to unneedingly suffer, and I’m sure that there’s plenty of others that don’t too. If it’s truly dangerous for you leave as it is to stay, I say a love spell that you find the help you need to find your way out and into some more loving arms.

9) Barbara McNair “You’re Gonna Love My Baby” (1965)

And with that thought, you just might end up going through a break up. We all are going to have to. I’m using break up loosely too. It could mean amicably parting ways. It can even mean death of a loved one you truly cherish. I’m definitely working with the death and grief angle as much as with the break up of relationships angle. So I’m saying cherish those great moments, don’t speak ill of mind of the ways things go down. Everyone did the best they could or knew how, perhaps let forgiveness and acceptance flow in where there isn’t love to be had anymore. You’ll heal faster the less time you concentrate primarily on pain and grief solely. Give the tears their proper space, but also give them their proper boundaries as well. Blow a kiss to them as they transition to something new, and more likely that not fate will blow a kiss back to you.

10) Fontella Bass “Leave It In The Hands Of Love”(1965)

I’ve said a lot. So all I’m gonna tell you in the end is just pay close attention to the lyrics from this beautiful prayer of a B-side from Fontella Bass (With Minnie Riperton and The Gems on Background) and possibly consider it your prayer through early October. Turn it all over to love for a while where you find it in your life and may it see you through for all of your earthly days.

DJ Larsupreme


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