For The Venus Retrograde Part II: 36 Faces To Do Love’s Review To

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Venus Retrograde, and it’s been a long long time since I’ve written extensively at looking at Astrology through music. However, this potent Season of the Witch in which we’ll be dealing with Venus in Scorpio retracing steps back to Venus in Libra, it seemed high time to pull together some songs to help us descend into the darker corners of our desires before we re-emerge back into the light in about 40 Days, after 40 long long nights.

The set starts with themes that might come up with the unraveling of our various romantic threads. Is the bloom off the rose? Is there feelings of artifice? Is there calls for consistency? Do you need to break down and cry, acknowledge love ain’t really your game or face your obsessive and possibly possessive traits?

The set moves on to catharsis and symbolic death, a key theme of the sign of Scorpio. Understanding that we can only control our own fates and not those of others is essential. Venus Retrograde is a great time to get honest with all of the things you desire, whether that be your mate(s), places you are in relationship to or what you possess and earn.

From there the set shifts away to realizing that relationships always have compromises to move forward, and how to find balance and boundaries that work for all parties involved, key themes of the sign of Libra.

Of course, the set signs off with optimism and dreaming, because loving is the greatest act that we get to continue to do. This playlist is also tied into me being one of the many Astrologers available to guide you through these transformative times. Listen for songs that speak to you on this journey, journal them, chew on the lyrics that hit you between the eyes, and hopefully you’ll find comfort to guide you to your deepest desires.


1) Candy & The Kisses – Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby?
2) Joanie Sommers – Don’t Pity Me
3) The Halos – Just Keep On Loving Me
4) Lesley Gore – With Any Other Girl
5) Brenda Holloway – Crying Time
6) Betty Harris – Bad Luck
7) Martha & The Vandellas – I Can’t Help It (I Love You)
8) Little Eva – Wake Up John
9) Clydie King – The Thrill Is Gone
10) The Ronettes – Is This What I Get For Loving You?
11) Ruby & The Romantics – Your Baby Doesn’t Love You Anymore
12) Lyn Roman – The Penthouse
13) The Feminine Society – Who Will Be The Loser?
14) Sandra Phillips – When Midnight Comes
15) Sylvia St. Claire – Is He Alright?
16) Little Ann – Deep Shadows
17) Kim Weston – Go Ahead And Laugh
18) Dusty Springfield – I’ve Been Wrong Before
19) The Mellow Moods – Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
20) Madeline Bell – One Step At A Time
21) The Supremes – Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say Goodbye
22) Lena Horne – I Keep Forgetting You
23) Arlene Bailey – Conversation In The Street
24) Tammi Terrell – Slow Down
25) The Royalettes – Poor Boy
26) The Blossoms – My Love, Come Home
27) The Carolines – Mama’s Little Girl
28) Jean Wells – Don’t Come Running To Me
29) Inez & Charlie Foxx – No Stranger To Love
30) The Orlons – Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
31) Vicki Baines – We Can Find That Love
32) Doris Troy – He’s Qualified
33) Dionne Warwick – Looking With My Eyes
34) Oma Heard – Paradise
35) The Trans Sisters – Tomorrow The World Will Know
36) Linda Carr – A Heart Without Love

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