A Dancing Holiday: Toe Tapping Tunes That Avoid The Christmas Crush

If you’re anything like me, all you need really is one spin of Christmas Music to be completely over it. Don’t get me wrong, one of my earliest mixes dealt with the Christmas Conundrum, getting past Phil Spector’s dominance with a variety of vintage seasonal gems not always beholden to Christmas. Listening to the same gaggle of tunes for 30 or more days is bound to grate.

46362768_258591278158388_5811404206791196672_nAlso, it’s Sagittarius season! And Jupiter is in Sagittarius too! So It seemed this season, Given it’s the sign that rules the hips and butt,  it’s time for a full on dance mix, no asses in the seat style. Normally I design mixes with lulls, but, for a funky frolic under the mistletoe, with hopefully plenty of post Venus Rx bumping and grinding, this mix goes for 37 tunes of uptempo jams to keep you on your feet.

This holiday season, I hope that you remember in these tumultuous times to find joy in little nooks and crannies of existence. That joy is a gift that can be a word of kindness, a smile at the appropriate time, or dancing it out with your favorites. May this mix get you through the end of this helluva year with some soul in your step, and as always, thank you for listening and sharing alongside me.

  1. The Gypsies – They’re Having A Party
  2. Shorty Long – Out To Getcha
  3. Patty Livingston – Playing With Fire
  4. Dorothy Berry – Ain’t That Love
  5. Dorothy Williams – Watchdog
  6. Ruby Johnson – Keep On Keepin’ On
  7. Derek Martin – Soul Power
  8. The Shirelles – Hippie Walk
  9. Gloria Lynne – Turn On Your Lovelight
  10. The Miracles – Soulful Shack
  11. The Chi Lites – She’s Mine
  12. Brenda Holloway – We’ll Keep On Rolling
  13. Andre Williams – You Got It & I Want It
  14. The Olympics – Secret Agents

    Dance into ’19, y’all.
  15. The Sandpebbles – Forget It
  16. Big Maybelle – 96 Tears
  17. Ray Charles – Something Inside Of Me
  18. Johnnie Mae Matthews – Lonely You’ll Be
  19. Curtis Lee – Is She In Your Town?
  20. Little Gigi – Take The Bitter With The Sweet
  21. The Soul Sisters – Think About The Good Times
  22. Linda Carr – Every Time
  23. Bobbi Lynn – Earthquake
  24. Tony Clarke – Landslide
  25. Stevie Wonder – Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby
  26. Shirley Ellis – Soul Time
  27. Chris Calloway – You’re Something Else
  28. Maxine Brown – Sugar Dumplin’
  29. The Vibrations – I Took An Overdose
  30. The Glories – Security
  31. The Ikettes – Da Doo Ron Ron
  32. June Conquest – I Do
  33. Tony Michaels – Picture Me And You
  34. The Ivories – Please Stay
  35. Moses Smith – The Girl Across The Street
  36. The Soul Survivors – Mama Soul
  37. The Baby Dolls – He’s Coming Home



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