So an Aries, a Gemini and a Sagittarius contemplate Holiday Songs (A Playlist)

10564747_10153197370632201_1313266171_nOnce upon a time, around the warm glow of our collective computer screens around the world, Me, John Hamilton of Chart Rigger and Jens Keller of Beat Frauleins came up with an epic Facebook Thread of Christmas songs you might know, but are more likely not to know. The amazing thing about that thread is that we didn’t touch the now legendary (and perhaps a bit overplayed) A Christmas Gift For You from Phil Spector, Darlene Love, The Ronettes, The Crystals and Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans.


Even more amazing is how much we all shared in the spirit of giving such a lovely diversity of tunes that you don’t get clobbered over the head with while roaming the halls of retail between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nearly 4 years later, John was reminiscing about that old thread. Of course, I was all “huzzah” and got to working on a Mixcloud that includes all of those gems we gave each other once upon a time.

In the years in between I’m sure we’ve all found some additional gems, so I’ve expanded the format from the original 15 or so tracks to the listing below. Now flowing through 33 classics familiar and new to you, it’s an hour and a half of the variety of emotions we come across as we end one year and begin the next. Here’s a place to memorialize what is truly my favorite “preserved on the internet” Holiday Moment, and a Christmas Kiss to two tireless supporters of my music writing/historian/DJing career over that period of time as well.


May you share in the spirit of these Holidays, no matter how you participate or don’t. I’m happy to share what bubbled up from the grace of finding fellowship and friendship around beloved music over the internet between 3 friends with you.

Here’s hoping as intense and complex 2015 proved to be, as we hand off these longest, darkest days of the year to Winter Solstice and as the days grow longer, may the blessings and beauty of possibility with shared love, support and sweetness carry you into a wonderful 2016!

Slurpees, Smooches and Chinese Food to you.
DJ Larsupreme (Laurence Jones)

1) Carla Thomas – “Gee Whiz It’s Christmas”
2) Frankie Lymon – “It’s Christmas Once Again”
3) Aretha Franklin – “Winter Wonderland”
4) The Gems – “Love For Christmas”
5) Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva – “The Christmas Song”
6) Ike & Tina Turner – “Merry Christmas Baby”
7) The Shirelles – “Blue Holiday”
8) Julie London – “Warm In December”
9) Robin Ward – “Winter’s Here”
10) The Angels – “Snowflakes & Teardrops”
11) Marvin Gaye – “Purple Snowflakes”
12) Felice Taylor – “It May Be Winter Outside”
13) The Free Design – “(Close Your Mouth) It’s Christmas”
14) Shirley Ellis – “You Better Be Good, World”
15) Esther Ofarim – “Sometimes In Winter”
16) Betty Lloyd – “Snowflakes”
17) Big Dee Irwin & Mamie Galore – “All I Want For Christmas Is Your Love”
18) The Emotions – “What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas?”
19) Horace Williams – “I’m Going Christmas Shopping”
20) The Invitations – “Skiing In The Snow”
21) The Velvelettes – “Bring Back The Sunshine”
22) Little Lisa – “The Loneliest Christmas Tree”
23) Burt Bacharach – “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle”
24) The Supremes – “My Christmas Tree”
25) Kim Weston – “I Wish You A Merry Christmas”
26) Dinah Washington – “Ole Santa”
27) Florence Ballard – “Oh Holy Night”
28) The Poets – “Merry Christmas Baby (Baby Merry Christmas)”
29) The Flirtations – “Christmastime Is Here”
30) Honey & The Bees – “Jing Jing-a-Ling”
31) The Sweet Inspirations – “Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday”
32) Della Reese – “It Was A Very Good Year”
33) The Rotary Connection – “Peace At Least”


(Lead photo credit to John Hamilton)


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