He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – 38 Vintage Charms To Hold In Our Dystopian Arms

pulp-fiction-why-get-marriedWe all need a little bit of love in this new reality we find ourselves in. It would be rather selfish and greedy of me not to craft a mix of the rollercoaster of our most direct and valid emotional experience, right? Right.

Of course, classic consistent Venus in Taurus me went for a full agony and esctasy playlist full of girl group and femme pop songs that embrace and give the middle finger to our romantic constructs at the same time. We are of our culture and can criticize it at the same time, right? Well, for now. Who knows how long we’ll have our dear protected internet spaces to dedicate our thoughts, beliefs and worries to.

Before we go out and saddle ourselves with yet another consumer holiday, think of how you can work on loving yourself and those close to you with other tangibles other than hearts painted red and milky chocolates not all that silky.

xanysexwilldoRoses aren’t the only flower, make something out of flour (and there’s plenty of them for those with gluten sensitivities). Sing to folks, offer to take a flattering picture of them, ask if someone needs a back rub or another rub the right way between now, Tuesday and beyond.

Remember that loving is hard work that we’re lucky to get to do through all of our lives. We’ve got a full spectrum of 38 tunes from 1963 through 1968 that have been a roadmap for me, and hopefully will be for you. Let it direct your journeys for many of the days ahead.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

1) The Chic-Lets – I Want You To Be My Boyfriend (1964)
2) Dian James – High Blood Pressure (1965)
3) Brenda Holloway – I Don’t Want Anyone Perfect (1964)
4) Dee Dee Sharp – Calendar Boy (1963)
5) The Chalfontes – He Loves Me (1965)
6) Rose Batiste – That’s What He Told Me (1966)
7) The Soulettes – Let Me Be The One (1966)
8) Dawn – Can’t Get Him Off My Mind (1966)
9) The Carolines – Can’t Stop Lovin’ That Boy (1966)
10) Fontella Bass – Oh No Not My Baby (1966)
11) Azie Mortimer – I Get The Feeling (You’re Ashamed Of Me) (1965)
12) The Delicates – Stop Shoving Me Around (1966)
gurrrlz13) The Geminis – I Hired The Girl (1966)
14) Shirley Ellis – Get Out (1964)
15) Dee Dee Warwick – Don’t Call Me Any More (1963)
16) Chris Clark – Do Right, Baby, Do Right (1965)
17) Molly Bee – He Doesn’t Want You (1964)
18) Debbie Rollins – Don’t Let It Get You, Girl (1964)
19) Aretha Franklin – Little Miss Raggedy Ann (1965)
20) The Supremes – Shake Me, Wake Me (When It’s Over) (1966)
21) The Drew-Vels – Chilly Kisses (1964)
22) Judy Clay – You Busted My Mind (1966)
23) Honey & The Bees – Why Do You Hurt The One Who Loves You? (1968)
24) The Royalettes – It’s A Big Mistake (1966)
25) The Jelly Beans – I’m Hip To You (1965)
26) Susan Wayne – You Don’t Do What I Say (1964)
27) The Flirtations – Settle Down (1967)
28) The Lornettes – I Don’t Deny It Girl (1965)
29) The Fashions – Baby, That’s Me (1964)
30) Jo Ann Garrett – You Can’t Come In (1967)
31) Jan Bradley – Back In Circulation (1965)
32) Kim Weston – Come And Get These Memories (1965)
33) The Demures – He’s Got Your Number (1965)
34) Big Maybelle – Quitting Time (1968)
35) The Mirettes – Tweedle Dee (1968)
36) Rita Graham – My Cup Runneth Over (1968)
37) Gladys Knight & The Pips – (You’re Gone) But Always In My Heart (1966)
38) Henrietta – I Love Him (1963)

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