Purification & Ponderance, Your Pisces Pre-Fixing For Spring Mix.

We’re coming to our last Mixcloud of the Astrological year as we welcome Pisces Season. The Jupiter meets Neptune sign of the fishes is full of inspired performers of mystical powers that tell tales of all that came before and release so it can all be re-born at the Aries point at the start of Spring.
This shimmering point in the late late winter sees seeds planted cautiously in soil and mating towards the abundance of Spring, Summer and Fall. Here we find all of the wisdom gained released through many different soul and pop singers in reflection. Many of the singers here defy the boundaries and categories that saddled the majority of their peers. We have folks like Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson and Barbara McNair here, excelling in whatever genre is thrown at them. We have multi-medium singer-songwriters like Barbara Acklin and brother Bobby Womack. We have ultimate slippery fish Sylvia Robinson a good 15 years before she became The Mother of Hip-Hop.

Sit back and enjoy 32 tunes that’ll get you through all of your wisdom and knowledge since the last time you experienced a Spring Awakening. We’ll tidy up and push on through with Aries in about 30 days.

1) Nina Simone – Break Down And Let It All Out (1965)
The High Priestess of Soul was born Eunice Kathleen Waymon February 21, 1933
2) Harry Belafonte – Roll On, Buddy (1965)
The King of Calypso (we’re really starting with royalty this go around) was born Harold George Bellanfanti, Jr. March 1, 1927
mcnair3) Barbara McNair – Forget You Ever Met Me Baby (1967)
Once voted one of the World’s most beautiful women, and the first Motown Star to pose naked for Playboy magazine, Barbara Jean McNair was born March 4, 1934
4) Erma Franklin – Change My Thoughts From You (1969)
The big sister of soul who Berry Gordy wanted for his empire, but was denied, Erma Vernice Franklin was born March 13, 1938.
5) Bobby Womack – What Is This? (1966)

The most famous and longest performing of The Womack Brothers, Robert Duane Womack was born March 4, 1944.
6) Barbara Acklin – I’m Not Mad Anymore (1966)
Singer and Songstress extraordinaire Barbara Jean Acklin knew how to make many a love song. She was born February 28, 1943.
7) The Tams – It’s Alright, You’re Just In Love (1964)
Original Member of Southern Peachy Pie Soul Crooners The Tams Robert Lee Smith was born March 18, 1936.
8) The Miracles – If Your Mother Only Knew (1962)
The Poet Laureate of The Motown Sound, William Smokey Robinson, was born February 19, 1940, on the same day as group mate Bobby Rogers.
9) The Platters – Someone To Watch Over Me (1956)
The First Lady of Doo-Wop, Zola Taylor was the devastating beauty that centered her sweet voice in the heart of The Platters. Zola Mae Taylor was born March 17, 1938.
10) Shirley Scott Trio – The Blues Ain’t Nothin But Some Pain (1964)
The Queen of The Organ, Shirley Scott was a pioneering instrumentalist in the field of male dominated Jazz. She also from time to time demonstrated her fine Jazz vocal skills as well. She was Born March 14, 1934. 
11) Bobby Hendricks – Let’s Get It Over (1963)
One of the most overlooked members of The Drifters, and often more regarded as one of the pillars of the Birth of Soul, Bobby Hendricks was born February 22, 1938.
mary-wilson-of-the-supremes-196612) The Supremes – Baby Don’t Go (1961)
The most loyal and longterm of The Original Magic Three Queens of The Supremes, Mary Wilson still carries the legacy of the most important girl group of all time to this day nearly 60 years after she started performing. Wilson was born March 6, 1944.
13) Ruby Andrews – Where Have You Gone? (1969)
The former Ruby Stackhouse stacked up a solid list of Chicago Soul starting in 1965, prominently giving her powerhouse vocals to the Top 40 hit “Michael (The Lover)” by The C.O.D’s before going out on her own. Andrews was born March 12, 1947.
14) Peggy March – Losing My Touch (1965)
Although she solidly started a Pop Princess, Peggy March soon found herself oft presenting herself as one of America’s purest proponents of Blue Eyed Soul. She was born Margaret Annemarie Battavio on March 8, 1948.
15) Joanie Sommers – Yesterday’s Tomorrows (1967)
She sang about Pepsi before it was full of High Fructose Corn Syrup and it was the soft drink “for those who think young.” Beyond her hit “Johnny Get Angry” Sommers was, like March above, a major proponent of Blue Eyed Soul. She was born Joan Drost Feb 24, 1941.
16) Sandie Shaw – Too Bad You Don’t Want Me (1965)
In the battle to become the most prominent British Evading Helen of Troy, Sandie Shaw technically came up the shortest in terms of Billboard Hot 100 success. Back home in the UK she fought and often won against Dusty, Petula and Cilla. She was born Sandra Ann Goodrich on February 26, 1947.
17) Laura Lee – To Win Your Heart (1966)
Adopted daughter of Gospel Legend Ernestine Rundless, Laura Lee was a powerhouse Gospel Singer that always bought the sanctified into her soul readings of material. Laura Lee Newton was born March 9, 1945.
18) Barbara McNair – You’ve Got Possibilities (1966) 
19) Sylvia Robbins – Don’t Let Your Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Heart (1964)
She’s really known because Drunk History exposed how major a player Sylvia Robinson was in getting The Sugarhill Gang off the ground. But Sylvia had been in the Music Industry since 1950, and had scored major hits in the form of “Love Is Stange” as Mickey & Sylvia, and on her own with “Pillow Talk.” Sounding different on so many of her innovative recordings, she’s perhaps one of the most slippery fishes on this list. Sylvia Vanderpool was born March 6, 1935.
20) Lovelace Watkins – Dreams (1964)
Although he didn’t have much in the way of major hit records, Lovelace Watkins was well known and respected for being a brilliant live performer. He was born March 6, 1938.
21) The Tams – You Might As Well Forget Him (1964)
22) Nancy Wilson – Midnight Sun (1967)
The Fancy Miss Nancy defied genres, skipping from Jazz, to MOR to R&B classics and everything in between and found time to be an actress as well. She was born February 20, 1937.
23) Erma Franklin – Detour Ahead (1962)
24) Jo Ann Garrett – One Woman (1968)
A legend of Chicago Soul that benefited from the manic guidance of Andre Williams, Jo Ann Garrett was a teen sensation that could sing about issues far beyond her years. She was born March 3, 1949.
25) Ernie K-Doe – Here Come The Girls (1969)
One of the people that benefited from the uplift and advocacy of Allen Toussaint, Ernest Kador, Jr. talked about something we all honestly have dealt with before it was kind to, the subject of annoying relatives, and went to #1 with it. He was born February 22, 1933.
26) Bobby Womack – Fly Me To The Moon (1968)
27) Candi Staton – Never In Public (1969)
Young hearts will always have an anthem thanks to Canzetta Maria Staton. She was born March 13, 1940
28) Nina Simone – Take Care Of Business(1964)
lloyd-price-billie-baby-double-l29) Al Jarreau – Shake Up (1964)
We’re always delighted to give you a glimpse into the lives of people before they became stars. Here’s the late great Al Jarreau with his self penned sophomore single from 1964. Alwin Lopez Jarreau was born March 12, 1940.
30) Lloyd Price – Go On Little Girl (1965)
Mr. Personality himself, Lloyd Price kept making records beyond his hits of the late 50’s. Price was born March 9, 1933.
31) Ernie K-Doe – A Certain Girl (1961)
32) Nancy Wilson – And Satisfy (1964)

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