Man Crushes and Masturbatory Materials: 36 + Faces of Sixties Soul

Jerry Butler, 1964

I do realize when I pull together these mixes that aren’t themed around Astrology, CIS-gendered vintage men kinda get the short end of the stick. It comes from my place that in the terms of music history, women in general don’t get anywhere near the equal coverage in their monumental role in shaping our pop culture. Also from a Queer Theory perspective, It’s been far easier to adopt how to blur the distinctions as a queer identified person on how to navigate relationships through the more complex relational lens that female gendered and presented music allows.

However, well, it’s not like I’ve gone through acres of vintage soul and haven’t been seduced and swooned at many of the menfolk singing back through the speakers. Or have seen an old LP cover and thought “I would have been fighting Ruth Brown for Clyde McPhatter” (who was rumored to be bisexual anyways, so I would have actually *had* a chance). Especially for the Black men on this list, they were oft-forced into respectable images to be palatable to crossover audiences if they were lucky to have publicity photos, their faces on LP covers, or be featured on television.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef017d426d3419970c-800wiThe bounds of respectability politics all African American men in the performance industry had to participate in, minus perhaps only James Brown and Jimi Hendrix escaped, was omnipresent. However, there’s so many handsome men in suits on this list that even early on, became somewhat of a template of lust and longing for me. Alongside the strife and sensuality thtough a long list of Black men, there’s (sadly) token representations of other minorities that made inroads in the recording industry by Asians and Latinos via Aki Aleong and Chris Montez. And so the white boys out there don’t get their feelings hurt (yes, some of you are cute too) we have your prototypical add ons of Blue Eyed soul singers and teen idols idolizing soul music.

So sit back, enjoy yourself, possibly get in touch with yourself and your erotic desires (it’s cold outside anyways so what else is there to do?) with 36 sweet voices and handsome faces selected for you.

1) Kenny and The Impacts – Wishing Well (1965)
2) Jimmy Ruffin – As Long As There Is L-O-V-E Love (1965)
3) Ray Pollard – Let Him Go And Let Me Love You (1965)
4) Freddie Scott – I’ll Try Again (1964)
5) Walter Jackson – Moonlight In Vermont (1965)
6) Gene Pitney – The Fool Killer (1963)
7) Little Anthony & The Imperials – Where Did Our Love Go? (1964)
8) Gene McDaniels – Point Of No Return (1962)

Eddie Holland, 1962

9) Eddie Holland – I’m On The Outside Looking In (1963)
10) Barrett Strong – Seven Sins (1962)
11) Clyde McPhatter – The Best Man Cried (1962)
12) Lou Johnson – Thank You Anyway, Mr. DJ (1962)
13) Aki Aleong – Giving Up On Love (1963)
14) Teddy Randazzo – Lost Without You (1964)
15) Frankie Avalon – Don’t Make Fun Of Me (1964)
16) The Dells – Stay In My Corner (1965)
17) Chris Montez – Where Are You Now? (1968)
18)  Jerry Butler – I Need To Belong (To Someone)(1963)
19) Jr. Walker And The All Stars – These Eyes (1969)
20) The Miracles – Oh Be My Love (1966)
21) Edwin Starr – Gonna Keep On Tryin’ Til I Win Your Love (1967)
22) The Four Tops – We’ve Got A Strong Love On Our Side (1968)
23) Paul Petersen – A Little Bit For Sandy (1968)
24) Billy Sterwart – Secret Love (1966)
25) Major Lance – Keep On Loving You (1963)
26) Unit 4+2 – Never Been In Love Like This Before (1965)
27) The All Night Workers – Why Don’t You Smile Now? (1965)

Aki Aleong, 1964

28) Dee Clark – You’re Telling Our Secrets (1961)
29) Derek Martin – You Better Go (1965)
30) Sam Cooke – Fool’s Paradise (1963)
31) The Righteous Brothers – Stranded In The Middle Of No Place (1966)
32) Shorty Long – Goodbye Eilene (1965)
33) Chuck Jackson – I Am Your Man (1964)
34) Marvin Gaye – My Love For You (1965)
35) Frankie Beverly & The Butlers – I Want To Feel I’m Wanted (1967)
36) Mel Carter – The Richest Man Alive (1964)


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