Doris Troy “I’ll Do Anything (He Wants Me To Do)” (Calla 114, 1966)

Doris Troy “I’ll Do Anything (He Wants Me To Do)” (Calla 114, 1966)

It’s of amazing wonder that Doris Troy actually qualifies as a One Hit Wonder. Her 1963 debut for Atlantic Records was her only entry into the Billboard Hot 100. For what would have been her 79th Birthday, we look at some of her other efforts.

doristroy-rockofagesstealawaytojesusTroy was a singer/songwriter, not such a unique phenomenon in 1960’s soul music as history revises to make us think. Doris did however have a hand in her single output material that was far more consistent than many of her peers. After all, she really dug into the New York Recording scene by providing her songcraft to others. It wasn’t until after she had graduated from hanging around Dee Dee Warwick and Cissy Houston as a background singer that she committed to the act of being a solo singer and songwriter.

Who knows why her efforts after “Just One Look” didn’t see chart daylight, but Atlantic Records Post-Ruth Brown/Pre-Aretha was notoriously lackadaisical about promoting their female artists. By the middle of 1966, Doris found her hop-scotching from label to label, dropping her latest effort, this heavenly plea of devotion that is one of the most favored Northern Soul songs ever for Calla Records in 1966. She would go on to Capitol Records before relocating to England.

Always in control of her craft like any Capricorn, we wish a Happy Birthday to our dear departed “Mama Soul.” Happy Birthday Doris Troy.


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