Dee Dee Warwick “Don’t Pay Them No Mind” (From the LP Foolish Fool, 1969)

Dee Dee Warwick “Don’t Pay Them No Mind” (From the LP Foolish Fool, 1969)

It stands, the last day of 2015. Personally and collectively its one for the history books. If anyone tells you that this year hasn’t profoundly shaken them in any way, either they’re a profoundly privileged asshole or they’re straight up lying to your face.

Cover-2 (1)In all that strife, it’s worth considering that if you survived this year, its okay to give yourself a hug. And ask for hugs from others. Remember those who’ve been by your side in solidarity this year, and do your best to carry those soul fulfilling relationships into 2016 and beyond. Yak Yak, your Sagittarius Moon internet and live DJ likes to get hella philosophical from time to time.

Hence why I’m closing out the year with one of my favorite singers giving life on as close to an unabashed Queer Anthem she ever recorded. Although there are versions of “Don’t Pay Them No Mind” by both Nina Simone and Gloria Lynne, there’s the extra incendiary burn of Dee Dee’s interpretation that gives me gospel to continue being my own unique self, and gathering the like minds that are here for mutual support year after year.

I wish for you all of the love and safety that you can muster and distribute to those you care about. Happy New Years folks.


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