The Demures “He’s Got Your Number” (Brunswick 55284-B, 1965)

The Demures “He’s Got Your Number” (Brunswick 55284-B, 1965)

Of course, now that I’ve done that “Bye Bye ’65” Girl Sounds of ’65 Mix, I’m kicking my ass about all of the other songs I should have included. I really should have given myself permission to do a Top 50. I wouldn’t have left off artists as essential as Maxine Brown, The Chiffons, The Toys…on and on, or even more one-off gems like this oft-overlooked b-side from The Demures from Chicago.

demuresrainingAlthough the beautiful A-side “Raining Teardrops” gets all of the attention, if you know anything about my musical tastes, give me sass and blaring horns and putting a playboy in his place, and you have the preferred record in my book. It’s the reason why I prize Motown’s 3 other major girl groups over The Supremes for repeated listening; more often the songs of The Vandellas, Marvelettes and Velvelettes take a more self protective stance that doesn’t completely fall over the trap of placating masculinity.

Swinging for the starts, this one and only B-side from one of my favorite mystery groups tells old boy that he’s slacking and losing out to a new paramour. Out with the old, in with the new, it’s one of the best girl group tunes to celebrate as we start shifting into a new year.


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