Ike and Tina Turner “(Somewhere) Somebody Needs You” (Loma 2015, 1965)

Ike and Tina Turner “(Somewhere) Somebody Needs You” (Loma 2015, 1965)

tina-turnerWe’re also thankful that the Siren Survivor born Anna Mae Bullock 76 years ago today is still with us as a Swiss Citizen. Tina Turner has been marveling audiences for nearly 60 years, through plenty of tragedy and triumph, she’s one of our favorite living legends.

Despite her superhuman status, the majority of her recording career sharing name with husband Ike Turner wasn’t exactly full of hit recordings. Also of note, quite often Tina took her own direction away from Ike, even if she was oft saddled with his name on records he had absolutely no participation with. Some think it started with the $20,000 advance that Phil Spector gave Ike to stay out of the way during the “River Deep, Mountain High” sessions, but the process actually started much earlier.

Before he became a darling of Motown Records in the late 60’s, Frank Wilson was weaseling himself into the Sound of Young America via his association with Brenda & Patrice Holloway and the establishment of the Motown West Coast Branch. Although the majority of what Brenda Holloway recorded for Motown in Los Angeles stayed in the vaults, there was plenty of Frank’s efforts to go on beyond Brenda and other Motown artists out West.

Ever wonder what Tina Turner & The Vandellas would have sounded like? Well, you don’t have to look any further than this Summer of ’65 number that reminds us all to open up our hearts and love a little bit longer and harder.The lyrics are perfect words for you to pull someone closer and hug, and preferably dance with, as you start burning off all of those Thanksgiving Calories as you celebrate Tina Turner’s Birthday.


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