Listening with Larsupreme Episode 25 – A Midsummer’s Soul Soirée August 14, 2021

Hey y’all!

In the midst of the chaos of the world, it’s also the dog days of Summer. Get your cocktails and culottes together, congregate around your streaming source of Hi-Fi delight, regardless. It’s time to dance at the end of the world. Devil may care, fall in love with something special for the next hour with delightful damsels of dance well known and obscure!

I’ll see you shortly for Virgo Season!

  1. Those Fantabulous Strings – Whisper You Love Me Boy
  2. The Supremes – Take Me Where You Go
  3. Kim Weston – This Dream
  4. Barbara Mercer – Happiness Is Here
  5. The Plus 4 – Happiest Girl In The World
  6. The Shirelles – Too Much Of A Good Thing
  7. Theresa Lindsey – Good Idea
  8. Mary Wells – Me & My Baby
  9. Fern & The Aprils – Gotta Be In Love
  10. Dee Dee Sharp – He’s No Ordinary Guy
  11. Carla Thomas – Don’t Let The Lovelight Leave
  12. Anna Craig – Shout & Tell The World
  13. Gerri Thomas – Look What I’ve Got
  14. The Gypsies – Diamonds, Rubies, Gold & Fame
  15. The Kittens – Lookie, Lookie What I Got 
  16. Saundra Phillips – You Succeeded 
  17. Pat Lewis – Let’s Go Together
  18. Frances Nero – Keep On Lovin’ Me
  19. The Belles – Let Me Do It
  20. Patty & The Emblems – I’m Gonna Love You A Long, Long Time
  21. The Sapphires – Gonna Be A Big Thing
  22. Patty Livingston – I’ve Got My Baby

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