Tunes as ‘ludes: 35 Sunshine Psych-ish Tunes Chasing Away The Late Winter Blues

Welcome from the outpost of beware Ides and March and such. Herein, seemingly every year this is when humanity loses it’s resolve after promising to do better during the calendar new year. Here’s where we start craving a break. Typically the weather outside is still bleak despite what our rodent friend told us 3 weeks ago. Why does the shortest Calendar month seem so long.

vintage-psychedelic-advertising-12We might sip and toke a bit more at our preferred comforts at hand at this time of year too. For me, it’s a season where I look to a lot of sunshine pop and vaguely psychedelic soul to push me through to Spring Equinox, a bit more sun, and the anticipation of summer. Honestly there’s a host of material in this vein, as it rose with Pop & R&B seeking “Eastern” influences as early as 1965. Realistically, these forays into folkier, earthier, more exotic and extended freak outs lasted to at least 1972. So it’s a pretty fertile lake to fish for music from.

So enough with the Pisces season references, and onto you and me sitting back, knowing that if we just go with the flow, everything is gonna turn out fine. Despite the still, increasingly absurd, toxic and ridiculous environment around us. Same could be said for the society in which these tunes soothed addled brains, you.

Peace, Love and Hairgrease.

  1. Jackie DeShannon – Reason To Believe
  2. Keith – Ain’t Gonna Lie
  3. The Left Banke – I Haven’t Got The Nerve
  4. Tamiko Jones – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
  5. Deon Jackson – I Need A Love Like Yours
  6. Reparata & The Delrons – It’s Waiting There For You
  7. Classics IV – Traffic Jam
  8. Barbara McNair – Around & Around
  9. Brian Wilson – Caroline, No
  10. Dusty Springfield – The Color Of Your Eyes
  11. The Three Degrees – Collage
  12. The Cowsills – Gray, Sunny Day
  13. Penny Arcade – Francine
  14. Tee Set – Ma Belle Amie
  15. The Four Tops – My Past Has Crossed My Future
  16. Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Ode To Billie Joe
  17. The Delfonics – Down Is Up, Up Is Down
  18. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Don’t Say You Love Me
  19. The Marvelettes – Sunshine Days
  20. The Four Seasons – The Puppet Song
  21. Lesley Gore – Say What You See
  22. Billy Eckstine – Umbrella Man
  23. Julie Budd – Have Another Dream On Me
  24. Rotary Connection – Magic World
  25. Peggy March – Purple Hat
  26. Kim Weston – From Both Sides Now
  27. Erma Franklin – By The Time I Get To Phoenix
  28. Thelma Houston – Mixed Up Girl
  29. The Originals – We’ve Got A Way Out Love
  30. The Fuzz – I Think I Got The Makings (Of A True Love Affair)
  31. Dionne Warwick – The Green Grass Starts To Grow
  32. Barbara Lewis – Just The Way You Are Today
  33. The Supremes – Then I Met You
  34. Friends Of Distinction – My Mind Is A Camera
  35. 5th Dimension – This Is Your Life

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