Gone Uptown To Box With Dionne: 35 more challenges to the Queen of Uptown Soul’s Throne

I’ve stated before, and provided evidence, that the impact that Dionne Warwick’s influence on popular music was extremely vast during the 1960’s and Early 70s. The previous time we spent on this topic nearly 2 years ago, seemingly only skims the surface of elegant pop/soul confections that not only emerged from the United States, but from locations beyond.

dionne-warwickWarwick’s assault on what was allowed to be presented by young women in terms of intricate, detailed music, both lyrically and melodically, was out of this world, but especially for a lower middle class 22 year old Black woman as 1962 turned into 1963. Her early work had a profound effect on the direction that the Girl Group Sound went as all of the participants in the genre had to come up with new ideas and deal with the nuances beyond the “Boy Meets Girl” dynamic. Had it not been for “Don’t Make Me Over” there’d definitely wouldn’t have been “You Don’t Own Me” a year later, for example.

Nevertheless, no one came to really steal Dionne’s time signature shifting crown. She did make room for a slate of more sophisticated hits in 1964 for Brenda Holloway (Every Little Bit Hurts) Irma Thomas (Wish Someone Would Care) and even Aretha Franklin (Running Out Of Fools).

She pointed to a future being a solo Black female that culminates in our current moment watching Beyonce and Janelle Monae being descendents of this tradition.  All artists are influenced by the artists around them. So take this midsummer’s Dream to listen to some Dionne Doppelgangers.

1) Helen Shapiro – That’s The Way Of The World
2) Aretha Franklin – I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face
3) Jill Harris – You Really Didn’t Mean It
4) The Velvelettes – That’s A Funny Way
106055981-612x6125) Ketty Lester – You’ll Go Your Way And I’ll Go Crazy
6) Dusty Springfield – Guess Who
7) Brenda Holloway – Everybody Knows
8) Gwen Stacey – Give Thanks To A Friend
9) Marie Knight – Walk Away
10) Linda Carr – Should I Be Happy For You, Baby?
11) Kim Weston – What Have I Done To Myself?
12) Sonji Clay – Deeper In My Heart
13) Lesley Gore – Just Another Fool
14) Leslie Miller – Once A Fool
15) La Reine La Mar – That’s Not The Way To Love
16) Freda Payne – You Never Should Have Loved Me
17) Penny Carter – He Can’t Hurt Me No More
18) Lorraine Ellison – I’m Over You
19) Jackie Trent – Faces
20) The Tiffanys – Take Another Look At Me
21) The Hopefuls – Stand By And Cry
22) Connie Francis – No Better Off
23) Joy Marshall – Rain Or Snow
24) Esther Phillips – You Can’t Go Home Again
25) The Supremes – Any Girl In Love (Knows What I’m Going Through)
26) Micki Lynn – I’ve Got The Blues
27) Patti Drew – Tired Of Falling In And Out Of Love
28) Chi Chi – Somewhere There’s A Someone
29) Irma Thomas – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
30) Paris Sisters – Why Do I Take It From You?
31) The Three Degrees – If You Must Leave Me My Love
32) Deni Lynn – Don’t Ever Leave Me
33) Timi Yuro – Something Bad On My Mind
34) Betty LaVette – You’ll Wake Up Wiser, Baby
35) Lezli Valentine – I Won’t Do Anything

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