The Dramuh: 32 Divinely Dramatic Sister Soul Show Tunes

It’s felt weird not doing a new round of Astrological Playlists since the Aries one at the dawn of Spring. Of course *LEO* season would beckon me to dedicate some energy with a playlist dedicated to the season in the sky.

tallulah-bankhead-stephanie-powers-die-die-my-darling-1965Leo energy is know for, how can we say, a bit of flair for the….well, dramatic. So it seemed appropriate, given the them of ferocious femme energy that we dedicated to Lionesses of Soul and Pop last year that we’d return to the theme.

Every leading lady or team here isn’t a royal child at the heart of the sun herself (although some potent examples like Timi Yuro and Maxine Brown are), but the beauty of self centered musicality is centered in this new playlist. Most of the songs have at least a faint aura of the cinematic, while others are full on Douglass Sirk on Vinyl.

There’s a lot of *I* and *Me* in these declarative songs. They all center their characters needs as paramount, or give wise warning how not to screw it up for yourself. As we approach Eclipse season, we can all learn to stand in our own greatness, and frailties and just be who we need to be. Long before we knew of the concept of Diva in the modern pop music sense, we have these bigger than life theater pieces committed to recording Studio Tape to have those late summer Talent shows to.

I do hope you enjoy.

1) Debra Lewis – Do What You Gotta Do

2) Sissie Houston – World Of Broken Hearts
3) Ginny Arnell – I’m Getting Mad
4) The Royalettes – Don’t Throw Me Away
5) Chi Chi – If You’re Gonna Love Me
6) Dusty Springfield – Give Me Time
7) Barbara & The Browns – I Don’t Want To Have To Wait
8) Thelma Jones – Gotta Find A Way
9) Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles – I Don’t Want To Go On Without You
10) Aldora Britton – Am I Gonna See My Baby Again?
11) Sylvia St. Claire – Bring Back Yesterday
12) Brenda Holloway – Sad Song
13) Baby Washington – Leave Me Alone
14) Maxine Brown – Gotta Find A Way
15) Mitty Collier – My Party
16) Frances Nero – Fight Fire With Fire
17) Martha & The Vandellas – Never Leave Your Baby’s Side
18) June Adams – River Keep Movin’
19) September Jones – I’m Coming Home
20) Billie Davis – Make The Feeling Go Away
21) Marie Knight – That’s No Way To Treat A Girl
22) Dee Dee Sharp – Good
23) Dionne Warwick – Let Me Be Lonely
24) Madeline Bell – You Don’t Love Me No More
25) Timi Yuro – Get Out Of My Life
26) Tina Britt – I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know
27) Dee Dee Warwick – She Didn’t Know (She Kept On Talking)
28) The Orlons – I Can’t Take It
29) Elaine Williams – This Is Goodbye
30) Georgetta Banks – Sweetly And Completely
31) Peggy March – Let Her Go
32) Kim Weston – A Thrill A Moment

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