Cancer Cares, Summer Stares and Prideful Pairs: Your Playlist at Solstice

Sidney_Hall_-_Urania's_Mirror_-_Cancer.jpgJust because I’ve spent the better part of June dormant doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be back to you for this Full Moon Solstice Moment. We close out Gemini Season and welcome the caring warmth of Summer Cancer style as we came in, with a buoyant Sagittarius Moon giving way to a Capricorn one pushing us off to travels near or far.

So, alongside with some winks to favored Cancer Sun performers like Martha Reeves, Brenda Holloway, Little Eva, Chuck Jackson, Lena Horne, Della Reese, Rosetta Hightower, Gene Chandler, and Prime Paul Williams walking hand in hand with Primette Florence Ballard, we have plenty of sunshine and beach referencing tunes. Also, given that it’s also Pride Week in the San Francisco Bay Area, alongside the collective still healing from the tragedies of Orlando, sprinkled here and there are songs of pride, encouragement and uplift to get you through til’ next playlist in a few weeks.

Welcome joy, welcome nurturing, welcome Cancer.

  1. The Tymes – Come With Me To The Sea (1963)
  2. Reparata – A Summer Thought (1965)
  3. Chuck Jackson – If I Didn’t Love You (1965)
  4. Brenda Holloway – Don’t Stay Away (1964)
  5. Sugar Pie DeSanto – Use What You Got (1964)
  6. The Temptations – What’s Easy For Two Is So Hard For One (1965)
  7. Jackie Lee & Delores Hall – Whether It’s Right Or Wrong (1966)
  8. Dusty Springfield – Sea & Sky (1971)
  9. The Platters – Harbor Lights (1960)
  10. Sarah Vaughan – Slow, Hot Wind (1965)
  11. Ruby & The Romantics – Una Bella Brazilian Melody (1968)
  12. Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles – Groovy Kind Of Love (1966)
  13. George & Sonny Sands – Down By The Ocean (1966)
  14. The Shangri-Las – Sweet Sounds of Summer (1967)
  15. The Supremes – Surfer Boy (1964)
  16. Martha & The Vandellas – It Must Be Him (1968)
  17. Della Reese – Every Other Day (1967)
  18. The Temptations – Who You Gonna Run To? (1966)
  19. Gene Chandler – You Can’t Hurt Me No More (1964)
  20. Patti & The Emblems – Let Him Go Little Heart (1966)
  21. The Drifters – In The Park (1964)
  22. The Cookies – Something Beautiful (1964)
  23. Florence Ballard – Everything Wonderful (1968)
  24. Dee Dee Warwick – Don’t Pay Them No Mind (1967)
  25. Jay & The Techniques – Baby Make Your Own Sweet Music (1968)
  26. The O’Jays – Stand Tall (1963)
  27. The Orlons – Envy In My Eyes (1964)
  28. Little Eva – The Trouble With Boys (1963)
  29. Lena Horne – You Know What To Do (1966)
  30. Della Reese – Blow Out The Sun (1962)

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