Sarah Vaughan “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most” (From the LP Snowbound, 1963)

Sarah Vaughan “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most” (From the LP Snowbound, 1963)

*Happy Birthday Sarah Vaughan*

The Divine, Sassy, Sailor was born 92 years ago today. Through a career that spanned every acre of popular music, Sarah Vaughan is yet another timeless voice that shaped the concept of Popular music for ages. From Jazz to toe dips in Big Band, Pop and even Soul, her voice and performance persona knew no bounds and should be a college course all it’s own. Wouldn’t you like to major in Vaughan?

344042496This Sunday, we celebrate her birth in early spring with the closing track from a splendid Don Costa arranged LP released as the snow begin to fall at the end of 1963. It’s really worth checking out the wealth of goodies she recorded for that label, as most of the attention centers around her extensive time with Mercury Records.

Sarah spent the bulk of the 1960’s dabbling in all sorts of songcraft. No matter what she touched, she brought a little bit of magic to the proceedings. Her magic, 26 years after she’s left this earthly plane, continues to delight and inspire countless musicians.

Thanks Sassy.


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