Major Lance “Delilah” (Okeh 7168, 1962)

Major Lance “Delilah” (Okeh 7168, 1962)

HAGG-MajorLance-MonkeyTime-374x252It’s a short 3 or so days before I’m back at Sugar Town. This time, not only am I bringing a few boxes of 45s, I’m debating if I should bring an LP or two. Seems that I’ve gotten some of my favorite rarities in cheaper form via LP, as the 45 single RPM versions can cost quite a bit.

One of those gems happens to be the non-charting single debut by Major Lance at Okeh Records at the cusp of 1962 becoming 1963. All of the classic elements of his Okeh Records singles show up and absolutely sparkle on this tale of head-over-heels falling in love with a big city beauty.

Smooth and shuffling, with harmonies that tumble and hurtle throughout, it’s a pristine example of early 60’s Chicago Soul as helmed by Curtis Mayfield. They would soon see joint heights in partnership during 1963. Shall I bring this? Shall I select one of their more popular tracks on the LP. Only way to find out is to come on out and listen, and dance a ‘lil.



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