Pat Lundy “It’s Raining Outside” (Leopard 5009, 1963)

Pat Lundy “It’s Raining Outside” (Leopard 5009, 1963)

We here in the drought stricken San Francisco Bay Area get far too excited at the sight of rain these days. Our Facebook/Twitter feeds erupt in rain dances with Youtube links and shares of songs that hopefully will keep the sky watering us for more and more days ahead. I’m no different. With each crack of Thunder, I kept on pulling up another climate related soul classic to listen to this morning.

1968-pat-lundy-soul-ain-t-nothin-but-the-blues-lp_9348478At the peak of these choices is Pat Lundy’s solo debut single from 1963. Although she continuously recorded, eeking out many singles and 4 LPs worth out content, she never garnered a national hit or much fame. Pity and a shame, considering her powerhouse vocal stylings. I can’t fathom, other than the blatant eroticism of staying in bed instead of getting caught out in the rain, why this beginning effort didn’t set charts afire.

Sadly, without much fanfare, Pat Lundy passed away at the age of 51 in 1994. But her output lives on to inspire those who discover it, and use every bit of inclimate weather to get a bit more intimate with those they love or lust.


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