Eddie Holland “Leaving Here” (Motown 1052, R&B#27 Pop#76, 1963)

Eddie Holland “Leaving Here” (Motown 1052, R&B#27 Pop#76, 1963)

week comes to its penultimate day with my penultimate day of my 5 years of working the same job. It also functions as a early birthday tribute to the legendary Eddie Holland, one third of the Motown Mansion building team of Holland-Dozier-Holland.

The trinkets that make office cubicles home, responsibilities passed down to someone bright and new, I head into the office just one more time to collect one last paycheck and PTO and plunge into a different chapter of my life. I can’t help but think of myself like the subject of Eddie Holland’s solo singing career revival from December of ’63 this evening. If you’ve been a Non-Profit person, you probably know the When You Work At A Non Profit Tumblr well. My addition to the series of posts would probably just be a repeat of The Andantes background vocals of “Sick ‘n’ Tired/Leavin’ Here,” There’s exhaustion with neglect from men, there’s neglect from the way the workforce forces more people into burnout than fulfillment, so sometimes, you just cut your losses and get to steppin.’

It all is cathartic, this here apocalyptic Holland-Dozier-Holland rave up. It’s such a metaphor for so many avenues that people can be fed up with life, and take matters of self fulfillment into their own hands. One more day, of song, and work, before a new type of freedom begins.


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