Cindy Scott “Time Can Change A Love” (Veep 1268, 1967)

Cindy Scott “Time Can Change A Love” (Veep 1268, 1967)

he power of social media brings you the next 7 days of posts here at DJ Larsupreme. Fellow Gemini Soul Spinner Derek See challenged me with some Tammi Terrell to do a week of records a day. Hell yes I say!

I start with the most proxy almost but not quite never Supreme, Sundray Tucker. The older Sister of eventual Supreme Lynda Lawrence got her start at 13 years old when friend Patricia Holte (later Patti LaBelle) invited her to be a member of the Ordettes. When The Ordettes became (in)famous as The Bluebelles and started to tour, Sundray, because of her youth, dropped out to continue schooling. She’d go ahead and make her singing debut as Sandra Kay Tucker in 1963.

The bulk of her work as a soloist came in 1966-67 as a protege of Leon Huff on some Philly-Meets Motown style romps of excellent caliber, sounding like the perfect marriage of all Motown Femme archetypes on one record. My favorite of the bunch is this “the path to continued happiness is the road that’s a bit unpaved” ode to relational disharmony and mending. Determined, Sprightly and full of spunk, it has all the ingredients, including a decently large label budget and pristine production, that should have made it a hit in 1967. But obscurity land is where it ended up. For Sundray, her path continued into Motown, becoming a member of Stevie Wonder’s “Wonderlove” background group. Eventually she became one of The “F.L.O.S” or “Former Ladies of The Supremes.” The group  consisted of the rotating roster of latter day Supremes, and when Jean Terrell stepped down, our always proxy Supreme stepped in. Her powerful vocals still continue to delight audiences nearly 55 years since she started performing, and she’s a perfect candidate for “Record of the Day” week.


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