Sheila Ferguson “Little Red Riding Hood” (Landa 706-B, 1965)

Sheila Ferguson “Little Red Riding Hood” (Landa 706-B, 1965)

Although she would go on to become most famous as one of The Three Degrees, Sheila Ferguson started her career as a soloist. Her solo efforts throughout 1965 were Three Degrees records by proxy, since The Three Degrees handled background duties on most, if not all her output. It seemed a logical choice when Helen Scott left the group in 1966 for Sheila to join the group.

It is surprising given the high quality and “Philly Soul” sheen of her efforts throughout 1965 that she made no headway on her own in either the R&B or Pop charts with the 4 singles she released each season of that year. Then again, in was reflective of the same struggles her step-sisters faced that same year. Perhaps the Swan/Landa labels were too small to get national promotion?

However it lands, there’s very little to disappoint by these pitch perfect mid sixties soul numbers. It was hard for me to choose one for Philly Soul Friday for 1965 Ladies Week, but I’m always entranced by the spell the B-side of her first single of 1965 casts. Enjoy!


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