Lamont Dozier “Fish Ain’t Bitin'” (ABC 11438, R&B #4 Pop #26, 1974)

Lamont Dozier “Fish Ain’t Bitin'” (ABC 11438, R&B #4 Pop #26, 1974)


Gemini Roll Call starts to wind down with one of its biggest legends.Primarily a man behind the glass, Lamont Dozier did make his way in front of the microphone quite often. His pre-Holland-Dozier-Holland days found him trying out being a performer for a number of Detroit labels, but he soon found he had a natural knack for partnership and crafting melodies and arrangements.

Of Course, with 10 #1 Hits to The Supremes to his co-credit alone, and countless other Motown/Invictus/Hot Wax classics to his credit between 1962 and 1974, he chose the right path. That didn’t temper his desire to be an individual artist thought. He parted ways with the Holland Brothers in 1974 and had a pretty decent solo run starting in the mid-70’s.

My favorite out of those efforts was this proto-Disco stroll that came from an LP featuring Lamont in the tightest of leathers. We thank all of Lamont Dozier’s efforts in the field of song craft and performance, for this world would be a far less delightful place without his contributions.


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