A Spring Fling Easy and Breezy Playlist Courtesy of Forever Hamilton

476170_10201133014356556_484676904_o Being a music geek means you make everlasting friendships based on joint music appreciation. One of the greatest sonic soul bounds that I have is with John Hamilton, who has been a tune tale teller for Chart Rigger and Instinct Magazine.

If there’s anyone that gets the emotion behind the soul/pop hunt, he, alongside with DJ Action Slacks (Shannon Wiberg) gets my understanding that it’s not just a series of notes and beats and fills, but soul music is the soundtrack to our lives.

He loves you and wants you to be free and easy this Spring, and has one of the most wonderful things you can possibly stream in these sparkling days that’ll unfold into the Summer and beyond. Check out his (still growing) playlist of ladies (and assorted gentlemen) of Easy Listening Playlist, and grow your garden of soul music knowledge: Ladies of Easy Listening


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