Back on the “Radio” – Introducing Listening with Larsupreme

Hi y’all!

I know that these times are tough. As you may know, I took a hiatus from live DJing in December of last year to concentrate on work and personal life. Within that I took time off from creating mixes I had previously on Mixcloud.

Now that we’re in limbo, with more time on our hands. I had long wanted to “switch formats” to less writing, less mixes, and put a voice and bring my fellow curators in to do more Podcast episodes.

Since Shelter in Place was implemented in Northern California about a month ago, I’ve recorded 4 episodes, and in the works to bring in my first guest! I hope y’all can give a listen and if you’re feeling like sparing some change for the production of creative content, feel free to contribute to my Patreon account here. Links to the episodes are below!






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