The Reasons “Window Shopping” (United Artists 961, 1965)

The Reasons “Window Shopping” (United Artists 961, 1965)

the reasons window shopping

Well in the process of getting ready for Sugar Town’s annual pride party, I’ve spent a bit of money on 45’s these last 10 days, and for most other consumer choices, I’ll probably be holding off until next paycheck for any great splurges.

In the meantime, I can find one of those great early Ashford & Simpson (and Armstead) compositions to satiate my need to be a “functional” member of consumer society.

The Reasons decidedly pitched a number of their records in the Blue Eyed Soul vein, so it should come as no surprise that they were one of the earliest non-African American acts to receive the songwriting trios efforts. Also quite a shame, as this beautifully harmonized bit of timeless fluff didn’t gain much attention for the group or the writers at the time.

Perfect for staying in budget and not going over your credit limit, hum along to this during your Friday Happy Hour. 


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  1. TonyS says:

    Great tune. I can’t find a “search” feature on your blog, so I don’t know if you’ve heard Lesley Gore’s “Cry Like a Baby.” But if you haven’t, it’s another Ashford-Simpson-Armistead song done by a white artist — and boy is it done well. One of Gore’s best moments, IMO.


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