The Blossoms “My Love, Come Home” (Reprise 0475-B, 1966)

The Blossoms “My Love, Come Home” (Reprise 0475-B, 1966)

BlossomsI think so far, appropriately, 10 days into Women’s History Month (as much as I loathe segregating history off to one month of the year), that the month of March will be “Women Of Soul” themed around here.

One group of Soul Survivors are The Blossoms. The group has its roots in The Dreamers all the way back in 1954 when Fanita Barrett (James) joined Gloria Jones, Nanette Williams, Annette Williams, Patricia Howard and Jewel Cobbs and released one single, as well as backing Richard Berry and Etta James on assorted recordings. Darlene Love entered in 1958, and the group became known not necessarily for their hits but their abilities to harmonize. Like The Cookies and Gospelaires/Sweet Inspirations on the East Coast, The Gems in Chicago and The Andantes at Motown, their voices not only brought life to recordings credited to them (or not) but to countless other L.A. recording sessions as diverse as Shelley Fabares, Elvis and Frank Sinatra.

Somehow, between all that work, motherhood and marriage and being the house girl group on Shindig, they did find opportunities to forge out their own recording career on Reprise starting in 1965. Sadly their own efforts got shuttled to the background as their weekly covers of others material gained more attention. This splendid willow-weeper found it’s way on the flipside of their lovely kiss off “Lover Boy” and had, like so many other B-sides, enough charm and legs that it should have gotten its own time in the sun.


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