Lady & Some Tramps: 32 Girlish Gems with Guy Support Systems

As you should know, there’s no such thing as gender binaries in Popular Music. Female and Male singers didn’t stay separate on stage, quite often, the blending of vocal harmonies across gender and range gave us our most beloved soul music. One of the most popular forms of this was having one female lead singer supported by at least two other men.

Brenda & The Tabulations

We most famously know Gladys Knight & her family of Pips Bubba her brother, and cousins William and Edward. However, they weren’t the only royal fortress that splashed into the pop culture consciousness during the 1960’s. Featured here are #1 hit makers Ruby Nash and The Romantics delving far away from their day that had come and Anita Humes and The Essex proving that there was more to be said and more to be done. A few steps below that rung we have hit makers in the form of Patty & The Emblems, Brenda & The Tabulations and The Sapphires. We have Cass Elliott before she became a Mama, and Dusty Springfield before she found better things to do than be a folk singer with her brother. Minnie Riperton is here too figuring out how to use that operatic voice of hers.

All in all there’s 32 gems and 80 minutes of music from this far underappreciated genre of music. I do hope you enjoy.

1) Ruby & The Romantics – How Deep Is The Ocean?
r-5651238-1398970784-2957-jpeg2) Yvonne Baker & The Sensations – He’s Good Enough For Me
3) The Miracles featuring Claudette Robinson – Mr. Misery
4) The Essex – Be My Baby
5) The Four Bars Featuring Betty Wilson – Waiting On The Right Guy
6) Toni Jones – Here Comes My Baby (Dear, Dear, Dear)
7) The Superbs – I Was Blind
8) Gladys Knight & The Pips – Stop & Get A Hold Of Myself
9) The Miracles featuring Claudette Robinson – He Don’t Care About Me
10) The Steinways – My Heart’s Not In It Anymore
11) Patty & The Emblems – Give Me Time
12) The V.I.P.s – I’m On To You, Baby
13) The Sapphires – Let’s Break Up For A Little While
14) Sherri Gibbs & The Quovans – You Better Let Him Go
big315) The Big Three – All The Pretty Horses
16) The Sapphires – Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?)
17) The Springfields – Island Of Dreams
18) Betty Wilson & The Four Bars – I’m Yours
19) Pat Sands & The Pebbles – Loving Him
20) Patty & The Emblems – Love Will Come
21) Brenda & The Tabulations – That’s In The Past
22) Ruby & The Romantics – Hurting Each Other
23) Rotary Connection – Turn Me On
24) Friends Of Distinction – I Really Hope You Do
25) Katie Love & The Four Shades Of Black – It Hurts So Good
26) Glass House – Stealing Moments From Another Woman’s Life
27) Barbara Jean & The Lyrics – Why Weren’t You There?
28) Ruby & The Romantics – This No Laughing Matter
29) The Monitors – Words
30) Gladys Knight & The Pips – Together
31) Mary Wheeler & The Knights – I Feel In My Heart
32) The Elgins – Good Lovin’

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