Keeper of The Flame: Your Sagittarius Season Playlist to be Thankful For

Here we are, just past the 15th degree of Saturn in Sagittarius and 0-1 Sagittarius Season. Are you gathering your thoughts and wisdom to collect at the end of the year? What are you thankful for?  Maybe what you’ve got, what you’ve learned, what you’ve lost. The Final Fire Sign that keeps us warm as the days reach their ultimate darkness inspires us to leap forward into the cycle of the new year at Solstice.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that there’s a bounty of action-packed jams from those ruled by the duality of humanity and animal instincts all in one. Your humble DJ is blessed and feels at home, given astrologically this is where my 4th House Sagittarius Moon resides. Thanksgiving is always my favorite holiday for the expansive hearth and heart of this season.

jerrySome of the most lifelong voices I’ve loved are somewhat heavily Sagittarian-ly influenced, be it my flip Sagittarius Sun, Gemini Moon lifelong Auntie Tina Turner, my first man-crush Sagittarius/Scorpio Moon Jerry Butler or wisdom dispensers Betty Everett, Dionne Warwick or my *all time* favorite vocalist, Kim Weston. For good measure, by a wing and a prayer I’ll be seeing Sagittarius Rising Gladys Knight at The San Francisco Symphony in a few short weeks too.

So relax, reminisce about the year soon the be behind us, hopefully in the hellfire there was a little bit of heaven perhaps? We’ve got 39 songs to keep you company all the way towards New Years.

1) The Supremes – It’s Time To Break Down (1970)
Jean Terrell, the woman given the top spot in The Supremes upon Diana Ross’s departure, was born November 26, 1944.
2) Kim Weston – Love Don’t Let Me Down (1970)
Artist, Activist, Educator and Philanthropist, Agatha Natalie “Kim” Weston was born December 20, 1939.
3) Lou Rawls – You Can Bring Me All Your Heartaches (1966)
You’ll never find someone as smooth and kind as Lou Rawls ever again. The Cognac voiced Soul Crooner was born December 1, 1933.
4) The Emotions – I’ll Love You But I’ll Leave You (1968)
She was one of the prides of later day Stax Records, Wanda Hutchinson, among The Emotions set soul music alive starting in the late 1960’s. She was born December 17, 1951.
5) Betty Everett – Sugar (1969)
She blazed a trail few give her respect for, from Doo-Wop beginnings to Disco endings. Betty Everett was born November 23, 1939.
6) Jerry Butler – Mr. Dream Merchant (1967)
The Iceman. He’s so much yes. Jerry Butler was born December 8, 1939.
7) Jody Miller – Magic Town (1965)
Countrypolitan Soul got a huge boost when Jody Miller went Hollywood with her blend of trends of that was mid-60’s Pop. She was born November 29, 1941.
8) Percy Sledge – Out Of Left Field
He had more wisdom that knowing what it looked like when a man loved a woman. Percy Sledge was born November 25, 1940.
9) Carla Thomas – Another Night Without My Man (1966)
The Crowned Princess of Stax Records, Carla Thomas, was born December 21, 1942.
10) Little Richard – I Don’t Know What You’ve Got But It’s Got Me (1965)
The originator, the innovator, and everybody stole from him and he’s a Sagittarius so you know he’s telling the gospel truth, Richard Penniman was born December 5, 1932.
11) Betty Wright – Good Lovin’ (1967)
Pretty much
 our youngest pro up at the plate, Betty Wright would go on to score her first hit at the age of 14. She was born December 21, 1953.
12) Bruce Channel – My Baby’s Gone (1965)
He’s more deserving that being looked over as a “One Hit Wonder.” Bruce Channel was born November 28, 1940.
13) Brenda Lee – My Heart Keeps Hangin’ On (1967)
Little Miss **DYNAMITE** often hopscotched through genres and wrongly retrospectively gets cast as strictly a Country Singer. Brenda Lee was born December 11, 1944.
14) Big Mama Thornton – Swing It On Home (1966)
Although history has portrayed her as the Bridesmaid of The Blues, Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton casts a beacon so bright, she influences us more than 90 years after her birth. She was born December 11, 1926.
15) Jerry Butler – I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore (1964)
Here we have Sagittarius Jerry Butler taking on Sagittarius Singer/Songwriter Randy Newman, on one of his earliest compositions that would be revisited on Dusty In Memphis 5 years later.
16) Dionne Warwick – In Between The Heartaches (1965)
There’s a whole ‘nother mix from earlier this year dedicated to the sweep of Dionne Warwick’s influence. Marie Dionne Warrick was born December 12, 1940.
17) Dave Brubeck Quartet – Unsquare Dance (1961)
I’m pretty sure Jazz afficiandos would have kicked my ass if I hadn’t tipped the hat to Dave. Brubeck started bringing us cool December 6, 1920.
18) Billy Paul – Bluesette (1969)
Like Bruce above, there’s more to Mr. Paul than the one huge memorable hit shows us. An accomplished jazz singer, Billy Paul was born December 1, 1934
19) Betty Everett – By My Side (1963)
20) Frankie Beverly and The Butlers – She Kissed Me (1964)
Before he blessed us with his 1970’s contributions as a member of Maze, Frankie Beverly cut his expansive voice on Philly Soul with The Butlers. He was born Howard Beverly on December 6, 1946.
21) Kim Weston – Drop In The Bucket (1964)
22) The Temptations – You’re The One I Need (1965)
He brought us The Temptations, and all the optimism they’d unleashed on a wanting public in the Spring of ’64. A voice like birds in the trees, Eddie Kendricks was born December 17, 1939.
23) Connie Francis – Don’t Ever Leave Me (1964)
Don’t feel sorry for Connie, she knows where the boys are. Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero was born December 12, 1938.
24) The Young Rascals – Too Many Fish In The Sea (1966)
You can’t have Sagittarius without a little bit of Gemini right? Here we have Rapscallion front man, Felix Cavaliere (Born November 29, 1942) covering Gemini Marvelette Gladys Horton’s swansong Top 40 hit as leader of The Marvelettes.
25) Linda Jones – Love Hit Me Like TNT (1965)
Jupiterian Sagittarians can be known for excesses, and Linda Jones did plenty with her extraordinary pipes. Here she hits us between the eyes with one of her early singles. Miss Hypnotized herself was born December 14, 1944
26) (Ike) & Tina Turner – Somebody Somewhere Needs You (1965)
Tina really was the star, don’t let Ike fool you. There’s basically none of his presence on either effort we chose from our favorite private dancer. Anna Mae Bullock was born November 26, 1939.
27) The Supremes – The Day Will Come Between Sunday And Monday (1969)
One of the earliest sessions by Jean Terrell as a Supreme went unreleased until 2000. 
28) The Emotions – Stealing Love (1969) 
29) The Rascals – It’s Love (1967) 
30) Frankie Beverly and The Butlers – Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)(1967)
31) Lou Rawls – My Ancestors (1968)
32) Brenda Lee – He’s Sure To Remember Me (1964)
33) Dionne Warwick – This Empty Place (1963)
34) Little Richard – Goodnight Irene (1964)
35) Betty Everett & Jerry Butler – It’s Alright (1964)
36) Kim Weston – Don’t Let Me Down (1965)
37) Ike & Tina Turner – I’ll Never Need More Than This (1966)
38) Carla Thomas – When Tomorrow Comes (1967)
39) Eddie Kendricks – Son of Sagittarius (1974)

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