Blinky “I Wouldn’t Change The Man He Is” (Motown 1134, 1968)

Blinky “I Wouldn’t Change The Man He Is” (Motown 1134, 1968)


Perhaps the most overlooked, poorly treated woman in Motown’s later golden years was Sondra “Blinky” Williams Oakland born, L.A. raised and recording almost exclusively in gospel settings through 1966, Blinky brought a visceral fire to most every recording she laid down for the Motor City Label. Definitely well equipped to knock them dead on vinyl and live, there’s heroically large gaps in her discography from her Motown years.

But each effort that did see the light of day is worth a listen. As we get our “Gemini Roll Call” started on her 71st birthday, we feature her debut effort, one of the few that actually made it out to the public. This surging Ashford & Simpson ode to the asshole of a man you still love was pretty uncommon fare at Motown in 1968. Given where most Motown female contemporaries where that year, Blinky provided a link to more intense soul sounds coming from different regions of the country, all while being swathed in typical Motown sophistication.

Sadly most of her solo releases, if they saw release, came and went without a trace, and by the mid-70’s she returned to Gospel, which historically treated her with more respect. Another Motown career that could have been, but for now we enjoy the spoils of the moments she got behind the studio glass.


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