Walter Jackson “Suddenly, I’m All Alone” (Okeh 7215, R&B #13, Pop #96, 1965)

Walter Jackson “Suddenly, I’m All Alone” (Okeh 7215, R&B #13, Pop #96, 1965)


Although Berry Gordy has reservations about launching him as the solo spotlight singer on crutches, the innate power and nuance of Walter Jackson’s vocal stylings. Although not very well known outside of soul circles, his run of singles for Okeh Records in the 1960’s are must listens for anyone that’s a fan of the art of singing.

One of the reasons he’s not as well known is that he had a series of Top 20 R&B hits that made small impacts on the Pop market during the mid 1960’s, despite healthy promotion and touring. On of the first of his fabulous chart successes is this crystalline ballad that drives home the finite moments of loneliness in a way that swells and stops with remarkable precision. Walter would continue to needle the thread of nuance throughout his career, giving countless interpretations of material that continue to delight to this day.


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