Laurence Jones (DJ Larsupreme) is not just your run-of-the-mill music blogger.  His carefully curated song selections and the writings that accompany them are vignettes that artfully paint the little-known stories behind the music.  This gives an in-depth historical and cultural context to a modern audience who are sometimes separated by decades from the era in which these records were released. The readers are given the gift of being able to peer into the heart of the music, and a little into Laurence’s heart as wellDJ Action Slacks

DJ Larsupreme made his debut public debut spinning Vinyl at legendary Queer Soul Dance Party Hard French in October, 2o14. He spins Vinyl, focusing on late 50’s through early 70’s soul and pop. Over the past 2 years, DJ Larsupreme has been a featured guest at Hard French, Girl Groups Night at The Elbo Room, Oldies Night at The Knockout, hosted his own Happy Hour at The Legionnaire Saloon and guested with the Where It’s At crew at that venue as well. DJ Larsupreme does travel as a DJ as well, and finds a second home quite often at Sugartown PDX Queer Soul Party in Portland as well. As his new life in Portland unfolds, keep abreast of new happenings here, and via Facebook and Instagram.

Alongside collaborating with other disc jockeys, he enjoys bringing joy as a solo host as well. Here you find his landing page for his writing about assorted musicians and trends, updates on events, and content ranging from playlists, to the occasional (to continuous ) overlap between music and Astrology, or life in general, here on this blog.

You can contact him via email. He is available to provide DJing services, interviews and written critique on Soul Music.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gloria Mora says:

    Play music please i love motown.


    1. Thanks Gloria, I’ll try to do more music sharing!


  2. Thomas Mayer says:

    Hi, do you have any informations about “The Sherrys” ?


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