That Seventies Show – Vol. 2: A Superfly Sequel Of Lady Soul From The Decade Of Me

About 18 months ago, I ventured out of the avenues of my typical fawning over 1960’s R&B and dropped the electronic needle on a bunch of 1970’s shadow classics. The 1970’s was also the first real era of the sequel blockbuster, so like any other producer, one looks at the returns of former successes and I’ve mined a rich mineral for all of our listening pleasures.

gtfLike before, I ponder the question of where and what were some of my favorite voices doing during the 1970s. I’ve been surprised by the long legged longevity of not only girl group stalwarts like Diana Ross, Martha Reeves, Rosetta Hightower and Clydie King, but of some Jazz – to – Soul crooners too like Irene Reid and Nancy Wilson. Alongside teen queens matured and heading to the complications of marital crisis and divorce include Lesley Gore and Dee Dee Warwick. Of course, a few new faces intercept the diva dilemma of how to trade the flip for a feather’d do, on the LP and the sleeve as well.

Like before, there’s a range from funk, to disco to some throwbacks and those lush ballads the 70’s are known for. I hope it puts a pip in your step (or three).

1) This World Today Is A Mess – Donna Hightower
2) Dee Dee Warwick – Funny How We Change Places
3) The Supremes – Bad Weather
4) Annette Snell – Just As Hooked As I’ve Ever Been
5) Evie Sands – I Love Makin’ Love To You
6) Betty Everett – Try It, You May Like It
7) Barbara Jean English – Key In The Mailbox
8) Carolyn Franklin – If You Want Me
9) Edna Wright – If The Price Is Right
9) Martha Reeves – Keep On Keepin’ On
10) Irene Reid – The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
11) Bettye LaVette – Living Life On A Shoestring
12) Clydie King – Punish Me
13) Act One – Tom The Peeper
14) Vivian Reed – Solid Rock
15) Rozetta Hightower – River Deep, Mountain High
16) Nancy Wilson – All In Love Is Fair
17) Lesley Gore – Give It To Me, Sweet Thing
18) Leslie Uggams – I’ve Got A Jones On You
19) Eloise Laws – Love Comes Easily
20) Eunice Collins – At The Hotel
21) Bessie Banks – Ain’t No Easy Way
22) Dee Dee Sharp – I’m Not In Love
23) The Three Degrees – Distant Lover
24) Kim Weston – Detroit
25) Dusty Springfield – A Love Like Yours (Don’t Come Knocking Everyday)
26) Pat Lundy – Only Love Spoken Here
27) Diana Ross – Top Of The World
28) Dionne Warwick – Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?
29) Ann Peebles – If This Is Heaven
30) Patti LaBelle – I Don’t Go Shopping

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