Philly Premiere – 33 Sister Love Gems from City Brother Love

Most every big city had lights bright enough downtown to entice singers into small studios to produce music. Philadephia was no different, despite its close proximity to New York City. Especially in the flow of the great migration, Philadelphia was a trendsetter in the fields of R&B, Rock and Soul music. Giving an extra boost to the city of brotherly love was the exposure local talent had a shot at receiving via American Bandstand which was filmed in town through 1964.patti-labelle-and-her-blue-belles-youll-never-walk-alone-1963Like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans and of course New York City, Philadelphia was one of the strongest markets for female + girl group singers during the 1960’s. Although the hit parade wasn’t as constant for artists from that city, the work that women in Philadelphia put in cemented the reputations of many prominent producers such as Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff, Thom Bell and Eugene Dozier.

Early examples of where these gentlemen would take soul music in the late 60’s and early 70’s shine brightly on their contributions to the girl group and femme soul genres.
Philadelphia also gave us many of the best dancehall hits via girl group performers during the early 60’s, as the town put people to Twisting, then Mashed Potatoin’ then doing the Wah-Watusi via hits courtesy of Dee Dee Sharp and The Orlons.While Philly Soul can sometimes be derided as being a mash up of styles influenced by all other regions, I’m sure that like me, you’ll feel a sweet uniqueness full of exquisite quirks  that goes bone deep on these 33 tunes from names big, small and utterly forgotten.

See you on South Street.

1) Patty & The Emblems – She’s So Confused
2) Ann Byers – Here I Am
3) Candy & The Kisses – The 81
4) The Sapphires – Wild Child
5) Dee Dee Sharp – He’s No Ordinary Guy
6) Sugar & The Spices – Have Faith In Me
7) Honey & The Bees – I’m Confessin’
8) Claudine Clark – Do You Do Lovin?
9) Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles – Island Of Unbroken Hearts
10) Joan Proctor – Cross My Heart
11) Barbara Mason – Girls Have Feelings Too
12) The Swans – Please Hurry Home
13) Sheila Ferguson – I’ll Weep For You
14) Brenda & The Tabulations – Just Once In A Lifetime
15) Mel-Vena Allen – The Bigger Your Heart
16) The Bronzettes – Hot Spot
the-orlons-south-street-e149542008462617) Zip & The Zippers – Where You Goin’ Little Boy?
18) Little Cheryl – Mama Let The Bell Ring
19) Cindy Scott & The Cousins – I’ve Got News
20) The Persianettes – Call On Me
21) Honey Love & The Lovenotes – We Belong Together
22) Cindy Gibson – Step By Step
23) The Three Degrees – Love Of My Life
24) The Stylettes – You’ll Go First
25) Jo Ann King – Don’t Play With Fire
26) The Persians – Get A Hold Of Yourself
27) Dee Dee Sharp – You’ll Never Be Mine
28) Carolyn Carter – It Hurts
29) Priscilla Thomas – Sympathy Winner
30) The Sweet Three – I Would If I Could
31) Naomi Wilson – Do You Feel What I Feel?
32) Dee Dee Barnes – Do What You Wanna Do
33) The Orlons – Spinning Top

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