Here we are, and we’ve spanned from Pride week in Portland all the way to Pride week in San Francisco. Here’s the final set of delights from Sugar Town’s Pride-Pre Party. As I’ve outlined in my previous posts, I’ve gotten a better sense of self actualization and self confidence, indeed a sense of pride, with becoming an active DJ. I’m glad I got to spend my Birthday doing what I’ve come to love so quickly in a community that supports and nourishes me quite well.

Three threads weaved through my sets: The Celebration of Love, The Celebration of the Gemini Archetype and some highlighting of some Queer heros in pride season. Be it forgotten icons like Ronnie Dyson, the agony and ecstacy of romance through a number of these songs, or straighfoward Gemini Roll Call business of celebrating Levi Stubbs’s 79th Birthday, I’m able to interweave song and story telling in person that’s a layer more beautiful than just blogging.

These last songs truly go out to DJ Action Slacks for being such an inspiration. In 20 years of being a music curator herself, she sets such a wonderful example of how one finds themselves in art appreciation, creation and curation. I heavily urge you when in Portland to look up her events.

Love, peace and soul. Until the next batch of live sets.

1) The Marvelettes – “He’s A Good Guy (Yes He Is) (1964)
2) Jean Wells – “I Feel Good” (1967)
3) The Supremes – “I Hear A Symphony” (1965)
4) Chris Clark – “From Head To Toe” (1967)
5) Jerry Butler – “Hey Western Union Man” (1968)
6) Freda Payne – “Unhooked Generation” (1969)
7) The Intruders – “Who’s Your Favorite Candidate?” (1969)
8) The Honey Cone – “While You’re Out Looking For Sugar” (1969)
9) Dionne Warwick – “As Long As There’s An Apple Tree” (1967)
10) DJ Action Slacks – “Someone Lost Their Cellphone” (2015)
11) Ronnie Dyson – “(If You Let Me Make Love To You) Then Why Can’t I Touch You?” (1970)
12) Rhetta Hughes – “Hip Old Lady On A Honda” (1969)
13) Laura Lee – “If You Can Beat Me Rockin’ (You Can Have My Chair)” (1972)
14) Jackie Ross – “Don’t Change Your Mind” (1969)
15) The Marvelettes – “When You’re Young And In Love” (1967)
16) DJ Action Slacks & DJ Larsupreme – “Outro” (2015)


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